First Meeting

We had the first Zoom meeting with Klara’s kindergarten teacher at the private school.

The first thing she said was, “I’m sorry, I have no idea how Zoom works.” Which is why we chose this school, so that’s all good.

They have more than twice the usual number of kids sign up for next year’s kindergarten, so they’ll have to expand. The public elementary school is open, so it’s not just the memory of lockdown. We are in Illinois, and the public school curriculum is going in the direction that you have to be very indigent to inflict it on your child.

Very heartening developments.

4 thoughts on “First Meeting

  1. // We are in Illinois, and the public school curriculum is going in the direction that you have to be very indigent to inflict it on your child.

    Do you mean the woke direction? Do parents check kindergarten programs? Or even elementary school ones?

    In Israel, there is a general program which every state school should follow anyway.

    The way I understand it is that parents are super afraid of Zoom in state education institutions, so are ready to pay (much?) more for private schools and kindergartens. When a kindergarten kid at home puts a parent in danger of losing their job, even poorer parents will make a huge effort. Actually, it’s especially poorer parents who cannot afford to lose an income and whose jobs don’t let them work from home.

    I do not think most parents are aware of ‘woke’ ed (if it exists at your city’s school) and are mainly moved by it. Have you heard from any other parents for their reasons?

    Another unrelated to Zoom reason is the drain from and the process of negative selection to public schools. If almost everybody goes to a local public school, it’ll probably be quite good in your area, full of educated middle-class parents. The moment there is a significant movement to private ed, the quality of remaining public ed students will fall through the floor and every half-normal parent will do a lot to spare his kid going to a school full of neglected, not learning children.


    1. It’s not just any school. It’s a religious school. Prayers in the morning, Bible study after breakfast, choir in the afternoon, chapel on Thursdays. I’m over the moon about it because it means there won’t be any “anti-racist baby” or “assigned gender.”

      That the public school will suffer – oh, I hope it does. These are people who put 6-year-olds in front of screens for months. It would have been healthier if they’d given them cigarettes.

      I have a friend whose daughter is in the local public school. She grew up in the USSR. The kind of crap her kid is being taught, hateful totalitarian garbage. In every subject. There’s very little actual teaching. Instead, it’s this indoctrination all day.

      No, thanks. I’m not participating in that. It’s enough that I’m funding it with my taxes.


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