Study Abroad Online

The people I feel really sorry for are the students who have to do their study abroad online. That one is a really bad joke.

6 thoughts on “Study Abroad Online

  1. I did think it was joke when I saw the title. I’m suspecting it’s no different than taking a few online classes at a foreign university. Why can’t it be called by its actual name (taking classes online) rather than playing the make-believe game that no experiences are lost when you lock people in their houses?

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  2. Better than study abroad in lockdown. A family member went for a semester abroad in Spring 2020 in a EU country. Ended up in lockdown not too long after arrival. Needless to say, it was not fun. On the second thought, being a Zoombie is not much fun either. I hope they are not paying too much for this privilege.


  3. I coordinate study abroad things at work. At some point we were sent by our study abroad office a link to a study that apparently demonstrated that “online” study abroad can be as beneficial as “real” study abroad. I kid you not.


      1. Up there in my personal top 3 of absurdity re Zoom teaching that I have heard at my institution, together with:

        “Zoom teaching is better because students can watch the recordings in their own time!”
        (Ok, it’s a pity that the students who are e-mailing me in mental health crisis mode because they cannot find a structure to their day didn’t get the memo)

        “Thanks to Zoom teaching my undergraduates are now producing graduate-level work!”


        1. “Thanks to Zoom teaching my undergraduates are now producing graduate-level work!”

          whoever wrote that is a frustrated instagrammer, not an educator….

          Part of the problem was that dysfunctional covid responses were so politicized and weaponized as a way of getting rid of Trump that many can’t let go of them without feeling like traitors (or are afraid of peer reactions).


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