Cheering Naomi Wolf

Wow, Naomi Wolf went on Tucker, I can’t even. What’s happening, wow.

She said that we are experiencing authoritarianism, that the state is invading our bodies, crushing our freedom of movement, destroying the constitution.

There are people on the Left who hate this police state existence. There are only two of them but they exist. I’m so glad!

Wolf said “we are witnessing a merger of corporate power and state power that is similar to Italian fascism of the 1920s.” She also said “these are totalitarian policies.” Unbelievable! I’m so glad.

Now let’s wait for at least one not entirely bamboozled leftist to wake up to the totalitarian nature of the “decolonize math” branch of leftism.

4 thoughts on “Cheering Naomi Wolf

  1. The thing about Wolf is that she’s kind of an airhead and doesn’t really follow through….

    I remember just after the election she was reacting in horror Biden’s plan for eternal lockdowns… saying had she known that she wouldn’t have voted for him…. (wasn’t she paying attention at all?)

    It’s nice to see but she’s not someone who can really be counted on…


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