Bad Public Speaking

In the USSR, our politicians were really bad public speakers. Everybody who spoke in public was really bad at it. There were a million jokes ridiculing the Soviet leadership for their garbled speech. Solzhenitsyn wrote about the ways in which the regime made it impossible to speak clearly because the ideology was supposed to be confusing.

Speaking clearly was very dangerous. The dogma changed fast, and you needed to be able to deny you had said something that had been in keeping with the dogma last week but then was declared completely unacceptable two days later.

Americans always think they have invented the wheel but all of these “lived experiences,” “whiteness isn’t about physical characteristics,” and “inclusive chest-feeding” have been done to death. You have half a continent deathly tired by all this. Yet they plough on, pompously educating the people who heard all this “anticolonial, anti-racist” blabber back in daycare on how important it is.

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