COVID Survey

Found this great survey on Twitter:

My answers are:

1. Strongly advocated for my university to move online in mid-March of 2020. It would have happened without me, obviously, but I feel like an idiot for buying into the panic.

2. We are experiencing the second stage of the process that started in 2008-9. This is a massive transfer of capital from the middle classes to the global digital oligarchy. COVID, BLM – it’s all about that. We are being robbed while we sit there mesmerized, following the shiny object in a con man’s hand.

3. I went back to normal on April 1, 2020. I had been duped but only for two weeks. The first thing I did when I went back to normal was to organize a picnic with friends and a playdate for my kid.

7 thoughts on “COVID Survey

  1. I let my exercise routine slip and gained some weight (to my excuse gym was closed). Big mistake as at my age weight is so hard to lose.
    CDC and the state government. Haven’t been to work in person since March last year. My building is on 25% occupancy rate. Because I work on the computer and other people need to use labs, I’m banned from going to work. My kids have Zoom school which sucks.
    I will go to Poland for a couple of days to see my parents. I could go now but I don’t want to sit in my parents home for 2 straight weeks doing quarantine.

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  2. 1.) Tolerating family who fell hard for the lies. Back in Mid March of 2020 to early April of 2020 while I refused to wear a mask I was careful about washing hands and sanitizing. I took precautions because this was a new potentially deadly virus as we were all told. I don’t blame anyone for take precautions during that period. It would have been foolish not to. By Mid April however there was enough evidence of lies, omissions, and hypocrisies that I came to an understanding that while there was a virus, it was not nearly as bad as what we were being told. From that standpoint one could begin to see why this lie was being allowed to spread. So for all of last year I tolerated my family who fell for the lies, the ones who did fell into paranoia about it. Heck I still have family who are paranoid, they took that vile concoction they call a vaccine, are under 35 in excellent shape and yet are too afraid to leave their homes without masks and standing at least six feet apart at all times. I should have never tolerated this, I should have slapped some sense into them and told them to stop believing the lie rather than do what I did which was allow them to go on by appeasing their paranoia.

    2.) There are two answers here, well a simple answer and a complex answer. The simple answer is Satan. This absolutely reaks of new world order and he has been directly behind that since the days of Nimrod and the Tower of Babel. We took a massive step towards that last year and continue to see large pushes for it this year. The more complex answer is that besides Satan there isn’t really a single group or issue behind this. Think of it like a wiqi board, you have multiple people all pushing at the same time, they aren’t working together, but their actions combine. You have many groups who are all quite delighted with the situation and are using it to further their own goals and have no desire to actually end it. That being said they publicly say otherwise, but their actions don’t support their words. Just in America alone you have various groups of the Feds who now have more power and want to keep it (Fauci anyone?), a wide range of politicians in all three branches of government, you have the CDC, you have the WHO, you also have multiple foreign countries using this to influence “read weaken” America. There are journalists who say if it bleeds it leads, so untainted good news will not be allowed. You have a mirage of groups taking the opportunity while everything is in disarray to advance their own agendas. All this is just in America, and almost every country especially the larger ones are dealing with the same issues though under different names.

    3.) To go back to normal assumes that the world in general and America in particular will resume where it left off in March of 2020. That can’t happen, to much is changed and I don’t just mean in government. Normal will not resume, there might be a new form called normal, but it really isn’t. However to answer your question while I am hoping the rapture of the church comes soon, if it doesn’t before things calm down I am going to go to Florida and spend a weekend and change at the beach. Well I say beach, but really I mean at a beach side vacation rental inside in the AC with the sliding glass door open so I can hear and smell the ocean, while I spend several days reading.

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  3. 1) Let Rod Dreher incite me into a lather of fear over the virus. I was paralyzed for months. Wish I’d never read a word he wrote about it. (of course I would never have found this blog without him since I followed a Clarissa comment to this site)
    2) I’m with William. Satan!
    3) I’m with Clarissa on this one. I’ve been living normally from day-to-day since the fall of last year. Wish I’d caught on sooner. But I’m also with William on things never really being normal again.

    We have land and built a cabin. We are learning how to be self-sustainable just in case the BLM’ers and Covid-fanatics come after us in the city. And we are learning we are not alone in this thinking. The “country” contractors are digging wells, teaching people how to hunt and garden, and building tight knit little communities in all the “fly-over” states. Thank goodness we found a good one!

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    1. I had to stop reading Rod for a while because he was getting very emotional over COVID and I don’t need that in my life.

      But I’m extremely glad you came across this blog as a result!!

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  4. one- believing the “two weeks to flatten the curve” lie… intellectually I knew that’s not how governments work but I was willing to give them the benefit of a doubt – no more and never again.

    two – the global tech oligarchy in tandem with the CCP (in hyping the virus in order to create the right emotional climate to make the big asset grab looks like a coordinated effort and not a fluke co-occurrence)

    three – I act as normally as I can on a daily basis – the big change would be travel (trying to decide where the first trip will be now)

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