Painfully Obvious

Well, duh. The whole point is to turn everybody into a lifelong patient. But none of it means the lockdowns will end. There’s always going to be some “new variant,” or crucial booster, or not enough booster, or booster too soon / too late, etc.

Pfizer won’t end this for us. Only we can do that.

6 thoughts on “Painfully Obvious

  1. Is anyone wondering (or explained) how cases can be rising with so many people already infected and recovered, and so many more already vaccinated? Of course “rises” are always relative, and if one looks directly at the data/graphs, the rise is not so concerning.

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  2. The CDC will probably be recommending annual booster shots for COVID, just like current recommendations for the flu.

    So what? How is that a big deal?


    1. It was announced on my campus yesterday that the unvaccinated professors will be barred from campus for 10 days after traveling while the vaccinated won’t. What this means is that unvaccinated professors can’t travel.

      I wish people could find a little bit of tactfulness and kindness in their hearts and understand that what’s at stake here for me personally is that I won’t be able to see my family again. The flippant questions of “what’s the big deal?” are really inappropriate.

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      1. Oh, come on. I obviously meant “What’s the big deal?” about “the CDC recommending annual booster shots” — not about any restrictive mandatory requirements set as conditions for employment.

        Which I agree could become a major problem for people who can’t or for whatever reason won’t get vaccinated.


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