Good Verdict

The usually interminable and deathly boring meeting of administrators we have every Tuesday was blissfully cut short to enable everybody to listen to the verdict in the Chauvin trial. Apparently, the verdict is coming in within the half hour.

3 thoughts on “Good Verdict

  1. The verdict was as expected (guilty on all three counts), and the cop was clearly not surprised: He had a complacent, coldly cynical look in his eyes, visible above his mask as it was read.

    The response of the big three cable news channels was also no surprise: MSNBC and CNN both said that the verdict doesn’t address the underlying problem of systemic racism in America, while Fox News pundits said the verdict showed jury intimidation by mob rioters in the streets.


      1. “So I wonder who is coldly complacent here, hmmm.”

        Well, of course, as a retired old man, I’m coldly complacent about how the idiotic world spins along without me. The world didn’t matter that much to me when I was a young man who rode it eagerly, and today its future doesn’t concern me at all.

        Don’t worry, lady, it will survive without any help from either me or you, just like it always has. Neither of us are that important.


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