Nurses Protest

A group of nurses are protesting in Toronto. They were fired for refusing to push experimental gene therapy on their patients and expressing doubts about Ontario’s insane COVID protocols on social media.

This is in response to people who say that if there were no problems with this experimental new technology, medical professionals would say something about it. Medical professionals are trying to say something but they get muzzled.

6 thoughts on “Nurses Protest

  1. The vaccines aren’t gene therapy. mRNA doesn’t change your DNA. It sticks around in the cells, outside the nucleus, for a short time. During that time your cells will make protein, but they won’t edit the DNA.


    1. mRNA therapies used to be classed as a type of gene therapy by many, which is well documented in scientific literature. See for example, here: (this article actually explains the difference in the classification in the US and Europe), and here:
      For example, this article here:, mentions as a matter of fact that gene therapy “focuses on the delivery of exogenously produced nucleic acids into cells”, which is a broader definition than the one you and others are suddenly trying to use now, which strictly defines gene therapy as something that enters the cell nucleus and makes changes to DNA.

      The declassification of mRNA as a gene therapy happened after the mRNA vaccines became widely available and there started to be some backlash about taking gene therapy by a bunch of people. At that point, MSM were very fast about pointing out that no, these vaccines are not gene therapy, since mRNA does not enter the cell nucleus. This is not the first time over the past year that scientific definitions were changed to suit the narrative. The endpoint is that yes, you are correct, mRNA does not change your DNA (based on our current understanding). Yes, Clarissa is correct, it is a type of gene therapy.


      1. Exactly. But look at how this false equivalence has been implanted in people’s minds. If anybody mentions gene therapy, “no, it doesn’t alter the DNA.” But I never said it did. This is a liberal talking point. “Anybody who opposes mRNA is an idiot who thinks it changes your genes with Bill Gates’s microchips.” That there can be an intelligent, scientific opposition is not even considered.


        1. I feel like we are living in kind of pseudo reality where words have lost their meaning and everything can be redefined at a whim. If highly educated people with PhDs are debating on social media whether 2+2=4 or not, what hope is there for having a reasonable discussion about gene therapies?

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          1. “words have lost their meaning and everything can be redefined at a whim”

            That’s exactly what’s going on. And it’s on purpose. The goal is a disoriented, placid and pliable public.

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    2. We’ve had this discussion already. Nobody is suggesting that gene therapy = changing your genes. I know for an absolute fact that people in the pharmaceutical industry refer to mRNAs as gene therapy and have done so for years. Gene therapy doesn’t equal gene editing.


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