Take Responsibility

As in the case of the two kids who murdered an Uber driver, I support criminal penalties for the parents (real and foster) of all kids who participated in the knife fight in Columbus, Ohio.

These people created murderous maniacs and unleashed them on society. And we are so in thrall to consumerism that we allow them to play victims on TV when their children end up dead or in jail.

5 thoughts on “Take Responsibility

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    “The “Badass MF” problem in the Black community | Glenn Loury & John McWhorter | The Glenn Show”
    On the perils of glorifying lumpenization (not their words)


    1. It’s funny how easily African Americans are associated with criminality but never with the victimization by criminality. George Floyd’s victim was black. Jacob Blake’s victims were black. But we are never asked to mourn or even notice their victimization. How is Floyd’s victim going to feel knowing that there are schools and streets named after her victimizer? Nobody cares.

      I don’t know what race Me’khia Bryant’s victim was but, curiously, these are all female victims. Every one of these BLM martyrs violently assaulted women. And there’s not a feminist in sight who cares.

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  2. “Every one of these BLM martyrs violently assaulted women. And there’s not a feminist in sight who cares”

    A lot of women love badass motherfuckers…. and that includes a lot of feminists.

    I still don’t understand how the focus of BLM is police and not black criminals (who kill far more black people than police do).

    It makes sense as an arm of austerity but are those in charge stupid or in on the game? Or do they think they can use austerity for their own goals and discard it (in which case they are fools).


    1. When the BLM first started, I was really excited because I was hoping that finally we were going to talk about the war zones in STL and Chicago. Goes to show how naive I am. I was quite stunned when I realized this was of zero interest to anybody because you can’t use these murders – like the recent murder of a 7yo girl in Chicago – to make some dumb point about white people. The sheer naked racism of “if it can’t be connected to some white person, nobody cares” was incomprehensible to me. I don’t think I’ll ever get over it. Leftists mumble “black-on-black” like an incantation when these murders are mentioned. Like it means something. Like it makes these victims any less dead.

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