I Miss Mean Tweets

This is the White House press secretary’s statement on Ma’khia Bryant:

I’m feeling very nostalgic for Trump’s “mean tweets” because what the current administration is doing is irresponsible, inhumane, and downright evil.

4 thoughts on “I Miss Mean Tweets

  1. OT: https://www.lifesitenews.com/news/amazon-fires-delivery-drivers-who-wont-sign-biometric-consent-form?utm_source=featured&utm_campaign=standard

    What kind of fresh hell is this and why are not people up in arms about this? Why is the government asleep at the wheel? Oh, I forgot, private companies are entitled to do whatever they want with their employees. I think it is just a question of time when this is coming for all of us in the name of health, safety and productivity. Already before the pandemic started my university was tracking the movements and class attendance of student athletes via a smartphone application. For their own good, so some administrator can check if they are showing up to their classes and intervene if necessary. Because actually letting adults decide for themselves whether they show up to class or not and then live with the consequences is too last century.


    1. It always starts with the working class because nobody cares and it’s easier to bully them. Once it’s normalized, it comes everywhere else. And nobody even notices. Amazon will underpay these workers and then sell their data on top of that.

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      1. ” Amazon will underpay these workers and then sell their data”

        How much longer before full-scale legal slavery (called something else of course) comes into force? cause…. you know it is, all the groundwork is being laid, only the terminology to make it palatable hasn’t been rolled out yet.

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  2. “We all know that police violence disproportionately affects the criminal community, and that people who are threatening other people with weapons experience higher rates of police violence.”

    There, I fixed it.

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