Systemic Piggishness

And by the way, there are parents who are killing themselves to make sure their kids don’t notice the pandemic and have enough outside time, activities, and learning opportunities. And then there are parents whose kids run around murdering people and wielding knives and guns. When the differences between these kids become apparent, we start hearing about systemic racism and all that kind of ridiculousness. As if shitty parenting were somehow reserved for one race. It isn’t systemic racism that produces these kids. It’s systemic piggishness of their stupid parents and the systemic desire of all of us to pretend that the process of parenting has zero connection with the outcome of parenting.

6 thoughts on “Systemic Piggishness

  1. It’s the culture. This is apparent to anyone looking at this from outside. I’m surprised that nobody seems to be picking this up in the academy, considering the importance of the US school of anthropology.
    What is “African-American” culture? Western European culture – not White, please – in America is quite distinctive from it and has been denounced by “Black” activists, who include, needless to say, very lily-white, virtue-signalling do-gooders.
    There is -anthropologically speaking – such a thing as Mafia culture, gay culture (though not homosexual culture), macho culture, Jewish culture and so on. The values each culture vehiculates are not neutral, but rather, they determine certain behaviours. What was a 13-year-old doing prowling the streets at 2.30 am (“Tito” Toledo) when he was shot? What was a 16-year-old girl doing wielding a knife against another girl in full daylight ? These are not haphazard instances, these are patterns of anti-social, pathological behaviour that nobody in the “right” places wants to question or combat, because “you racist”. Common sense people – white, red, yellow and black – see and observe all this, and even though they may not say anything, they know what to think. Action is character.


    1. And the most ridiculous part is that Ma’khia’s mother has the gall to go on TV and position herself as a victim. She wasn’t even raising her own kid! This woman should be a social pariah, an outcast. Instead, she’s about to become mega-rich because she’ll get a payout for turning her child into a knife-wielding maniac.

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  2. This is one of those situations where if it was me who was in that situation, being attacked by someone in an intense rage coming at me with a knife, I would try to just “get the fuck away from her”. And if lucky enough to get away, would “be glad I don’t own a weapon” as I would “be up on a murder charge FOR SURE!!!” I’d “be glad the police were the ones who shot her instead”—let the fall-out “be on THEM”.

    As for MY general overall attitudes towards the police, let me just refer to a 1968 newspaper column by Mike Royko, in which—after attending the one of the demonstrations at the National Democratic Convention that turned ugly with riots and the on-duty Chicago Police going out-of-control ballistic and indiscreetly “busting heads”—he mentions suddenly having to flee himself as some of the cops turned towards him and starting approaching.
    In the final paragraph he mentions that he’s “lived in Chicago all my life and not once have I ever been robbed, violently assaulted, or mugged. This is the first time I’ve ever truly felt in danger, in fear for my life. And it was at the hands of the police, not some petty criminal”.


    1. @ Ted Hartsfeld
      I don’t understand what the point is of your anecdotal evidence.
      Are you adducing it to claim that an encounter with the police is ipso facto more dangerous than one with someone harbouring criminal intentions? So, who do you turn to when pursued by such a person? To your mum?
      In my country the police is by law charged with that task and duty, as is only right and proper.


  3. Avi 11:17 ….
    I’m merely pointing out the obvious—-that often the official “Roman soldiers” who are allegedly supposed to “protect us from evildoers” are quite often just as much of a threat to our well-being as are those “evildoers” they’re supposed to be “guarding us from”, that’s all.

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    1. @ Ted Hartsfeld: Thank you for your curteous answer.
      You may be right, but then I shudder to think what it is like to live in a society where one has to fear the police as much as the criminals. Is that what America has turned into ? A totalitarian state ?


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