Tell the Truth

It’s really bizarre that in the only situation where COVID quarantines are actually helpful and save lives nobody recommends or even mentions them.

Mass vaccination for COVID results in a short-term (emphasis on SHORT) spike in cases, hospitalizations, and deaths. This happened in Israel, Hungary, India, everywhere. All you need to do to avoid it is simply to tell people to stay quarantined for a couple of weeks post-vaccination. It’s really not a big deal, and I’m sure everybody will be happy to follow the recommendation.

Instead we hear confused and incomprehensible waffling of “well, yes, no, you still need to be masked and distanced after vaccination because solidarity erm something something.” Just tell people the truth. It’s only for a couple of weeks.

It’s almost like these spikes are useful of something.

16 thoughts on “Tell the Truth

  1. FYI – Elsevier is preparing to retract the Vainshelboim article you linked a while back. Among other issues, it seems the guy is a serial liar about his academic affiliations and hasn’t worked for either of the institutions he claimed to be affiliated with in that article for five years and he’s been caught before claiming to be a professor at places where he no longer worked.


    1. Headdesk.

      OK, let’s try if this way. Let’s say the author is a schizophrenic who published a paper that says nothing but “tsk tsk” for 40 pages. For some reason, people liked the “tsk tsk” and started reposting the paper. Should Twitter be censoring the tsk, tsk?

      Supplementary question. How can you be sure that the tsk, tsk that gets censored tomorrow won’t be the one you like?

      Censorship always starts with the stuff that’s easy to justify. If we let it slide, more and more things get censored.

      On the particular subject of masks, the number of studies demonstrating their uselessness is gigantic. It’s not important to this particular discussion but it’s a fact.

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  2. OK, sorry, I struggle with both the content and the tone of this post.

    Since we are swamped daily with propaganda telling us, “of course, as everyone knows, up is down”… I feel like you have developed a style of asserting counter-narratives in a similarly matter-of-fact tone. (If I think back, it could even be that you originally developed this style, in order to counter modern Russian propaganda, before the propaganda became so bad within the west as well.)

    Normally I’m okay with it, but in this case, I need a few explanations. Otherwise, it ends up sounding like: of course, COVID vaccination always leads to an increase in COVID, and of course, this is the only time that quarantine works, and of course, people would easily go along with it if you just told them this…

    Perhaps I should spell out why this sounds strange: COVID vaccination is supposed to decrease, not increase, how much COVID there is. It seems odd that quarantine would only work in one peculiar circumstance. And given that vaccines are supposed to protect you from COVID, people would need an explanation as to why they should quarantine after their shot.

    So if you could clarify, at least, why it is that COVID vaccination causes that short spike in cases. Is there an obvious explanation? Or is it just an observed phenomenon?


    1. “why it is that COVID vaccination causes that short spike in cases”

      the vaccine makes people carriers for a couple of weeks would be the logical answer – how and why… I don’t know.

      One question might be comparing types of vaccines used versus short term spikes…. but somehow no one’s very interested in that.

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      1. The vaccines cannot make you a carrier of the virus, because they do not contain the virus. They contain the gene to make one part of the virus (or in the case of Novavax, they contain the “part” itself, the spike protein), the logic being that training your immune system to recognize and attack the spike protein, will be enough to make it recognize and attack the virus itself, if and when it shows up, because it’s covered in the spikes.


    2. I have absolutely no idea why it causes a spike. But we’ve locked down countries, destroyed economies, killed cancer patients, and suicided kids on a lot LOT less. There’s zero harm in asking people to take care for a couple of weeks.

      My 5yo nephew had to quarantine last week because he was in touch with someone who was in touch with someone who tested positive. Why? Who knows? But why not ask for a quarantine on a much more evidence than this easily accepted insanity?


      1. All right, so that falls under the category of “post-vaccination Covid spike is an observed phenomenon”. I wasn’t sure if you thought that a particular explanation was so obvious as to go without saying.

        To my mind, the simplest explanation is that people relax, and abandon public health measures, once vaccination begins. There’s considerable evidence that this is what happened in India. A few epidemiologists were sounding the alarm a month ago, and now the country is having the Italian experience of overloaded hospitals. Vaccination hasn’t reached even 10% of the population, so it’s unlikely that it was being spread by people specifically at vaccination sites. But meanwhile, Indian society had relaxed in other ways, e.g. some prominent large political, religious, and holiday gatherings, as well as on a smaller scale.

        I’m actually still waiting for a clear, quantitative assessment regarding the ability of the vaccination campaigns to interfere with transmission on a national scale. i sure hope it does, that they make it harder for people to be carriers, and not just to fall sick… I believe the weekly case numbers are down in Britain and America, but perhaps one has to account for the change of seasons or other influences too.

        P.S. I regret that I made a fuss about getting you to explain your post. Usually I’ve done alright at understanding points of view regarding Covid, and reading between the lines if I have to, but on this occasion I was quite lost.

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    3. There is some evidence both from animal and clinical trials that mRNA vaccines cause a temporary reduction in lymphocytes. That could make a person more susceptible to an infection. The effect is temporary (~2 weeks after the first dose) and you do get a protection from virus two weeks after your second dose.

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      1. It’s not unusual that a vaccine TEMPORARILY weakens the immune system. It happens but the good news is that it’s short-term.

        There are more and more reports in the media of people who got vaccinated and then got infected and died afterwards. This is unnecessarily spooking people because nobody mentions that it’s temporary. There’s a small window of time after vaccination when you become more at risk. Stay safe for a couple of weeks, and the vaccine starts working.


        1. It definitely merits further research. For now, I’d think it would be a good idea to ask people to be careful for a couple of weeks post-vaccination and not freak out over these spikes. Ideally, spikes would be smaller if people considered doing this. This doesn’t mean vaccines don’t work. It means they take a bit of time to start working.


          1. In the end, after a year of lockdowns, quarantines and work from home, staying home for a couple of weeks as a precaution is not going to hurt anything, even if it (in the worst case scenario) does not help.

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            1. That’s what I’m saying! My parents are considering getting vaccinated. I’m telling them they should stay home in the two weeks after. What’s the big deal? They don’t have many places to go anyway.


              1. I do not know how is the situation in Canada, but the situation in some parts of Europe is getting so dystopian, that a person who simply wants to go to a grocery store may soon be forced to get a vaccine. The worst part is that most people don’t care about it and are even happy to comply (it is your moral duty to get the vaccine, they say). The rest are going to be forced to go along if they want to continue having a semblance of normal life.


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