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It’s a really weird experience to see the naked faces of the people I only saw in masks. The brain works in mysterious ways and imagines the part of the face it can’t see in a manner that has little to do with reality.

The janitor and I have become friendly but we’d never seen each other’s face. Today, we met outside and both went, “Oh. Good to meet you, finally.”

Another issue is that I don’t recognize even good friends in masks. My brain needs the entire picture to match it to a name. So I constantly end up in situations when I fail to notice or greet somebody I know and people get upset. I even got a text message from a colleague asking me if I’m upset with her because I keep ignoring her on campus.

5 thoughts on “Full Face Image

  1. My brain struggles with facial recognition in general anyway. If I see someone outside a normal context, I have a hard time “recognizing” them. I saw a physical therapist twice a week for three years, but my brain took 2 days to remember exactly who she was when I ran into her in the grocery store 18 months after my therapy ended. I’m sure I see people I know when I’m out and about, but if they’re wearing a mask, there is little chance I’ll recognize them unless I know to look for them.

    Can I just say how much I hate, hate, HATE the masks? I’ve severely curtailed my time in public, because both the “MASKS REQUIRED” signs and seeing masks on kids everywhere provokes such a severe visceral loathing and disgust, I’m not entirely certain I’ll get through any errand without losing it. My staying home saves everyone from the screaming tirade that would immediately go viral.

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    1. I hear you. I’m down to one grocery store for most of my shopping. They don’t have the lowest prices or the largest selection, but it’s the only grocery store within driving distance of my house where I won’t get kicked out if I don’t wear a mask.


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