MS Magic

There’s a very small number of people with an iron will and no interest in material joys who beat reward credit cards at their game and wrangle good money out of them. I stand in awe of them because I’d never be able to resist the lure of overspending “just a little bit” (which is why I haven’t used a credit card in a decade).

But watching them take revenge on credit card companies in the name of all of us poor addicts is very gratifying. There are too few of such people for the companies to feel the sting, of course, but that’s our fault for being slaves to our appetites.

3 thoughts on “MS Magic

  1. …I haven’t used a credit card in a decade

    I almost always use cash. But if I do not have enough cash in my pocket, I use a credit card instead of a debit card. A bank manager explained to me that in the event that someone manages to steal your card information, you have protections with a credit card that do not exist with a debit card.

    Also, aren’t credit cards necessary for hotels, car rentals, and airline tickets?

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    1. The debit card is good for online payments. But I also have a husband who is an MS guru and who gets me free airline tickets in business class anywhere in the world.


    2. This is so true– with a debit card, if your info is stolen, they have access to all the money in your checking account. If you have some stupid thing like overdraft protection they can clean out your savings account as well, plus racking up a fortune in bank fees. You can generally get it back, but it takes time, and meanwhile… you have no money to pay the rent or buy groceries. Credit card are a lot safer.


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