Source of Certainty

Here are the things I was completely right on regarding COVID almost a year before they became common knowledge:

– COVID doesn’t harm children. Kids don’t get seriously sick (aside from a few exceptional cases) and don’t transmit. This is easy to know now but it took serious understanding and balls the size of cantaloupes to be the first parent in town to cut down the security tape and take my unmasked child to the playground on April 1, 2020. They put gigantic boulders at the entrance to the gardens to prevent people from going in. I rolled them away and took my kid for a picnic.

My child wasn’t in a mask a single time – indoors or outdoors – all through the spring, summer and fall of 2020. Then they started demanding it at school but that’s out of my hands.

– COVID doesn’t transmit outside. Today even Fauci recognized it but I knew it for a year before he came out and said it.

– there’s no touch transmission. I know a guy who sprayed “special COVID sanitizer” on every slice of pre-sliced packaged bread. Today nobody sanitizes groceries but I never did.

– that the highest at-risk group is the over-75 crowd. Today it’s common knowledge but a year ago people literally freaked out when I said it.

The reason why I knew all this before it became common knowledge is because I read a buttload of scientific studies all through the spring and summer of 2020 and never read or saw any media coverage of COVID.

All of these things are no longer in dispute. So when people ask me how I can be so certain, the answer is: I believe in science. Which is very different from believing in media reports about science. Back in August, when I posted on the university discussion board that kids aren’t at risk and gave a list of scholarly studies demonstrating it, there was such a scandal that the discussion board was shut down. Today, everybody knows that it’s true.

Everybody can still stay locked up, mask children, and sanitize fruit. But from now on and in the future, I highly recommend not to follow any media coverage of serious issues and look at science instead.

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