Great Campers

The tent campers and the RVers left in the morning. What really stunned me is that both crowds left their respective campsites absolutely spotless. You couldn’t even tell anybody had been there an hour earlier.

I come from a culture where leaving a mountain of garbage and wrecking the nature for a mile around is an integral part of camping, so this was unbelievably cool.

3 thoughts on “Great Campers

  1. It wasn’t always like this. In the 60s Ladybird Johnson made the “Don’t be a litterbug” campaign her big project as First Lady (I can remember seeing the PSA commercials on TV in the late 70s). Prior to that, leaving garbage just lying around was apparently pretty normal. I remember years ago when Mad Men was on. An episode involved a company picnic and viewers were shocked when they all just walked away at the end leaving their junk behind them. On some forum folks were incredulously asking “Did people in the 60s really do that?”, and older folks chimed in saying “Yes, it was totally normal”.

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    1. “I can remember seeing the PSA commercials on TV in the late 70s”

      There is of course the all time iconic crying Indian PSA (1970 or thereabouts) that made the very idea of littering a source of emotional trauma for a generation of children (I was probably past the target age but it had that effect on me)

      The Native American in the PSA was actually an Italian American (most actors typecast as Native Americans were in fact Italian).

      Nonetheless, I still don’t want to make the Indian cry and the thought of littering makes me shudder….

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