Folding Screen

Why, in the name of everything holy, does anybody need a phone with a folding screen? What a fussy, pretentious, utterly boring thing to buy.

5 thoughts on “Folding Screen

  1. “does anybody need a phone with a folding screen?”

    Wrong question during end-stage capitalism. The right question is: Can people be made to think a folding screen will fill some hitherto-unfulfilled psychological need? My guess: no, as methylethyl suggests it suggests vision problems and/or advanced age – since very, very few people go around thinking ‘I wish I didn’t see so well’ or ‘I wish I were really old!’ this is unlikely to catch on…

    In other words, it’s Malibu Stacy’s hat… (old pop-culture reference that would take a while to explain so I’ll just post the clip)

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  2. …though TBH I’m such a luddite that it took me reading the whole post through a couple of times to realize you were talking about stupid phone tech, and not Japanese furniture. And then I spent a minute struggling with my offense over why anyone would denigrate a beautiful (and in some cases useful) piece of home furnishing, and my total agreement about the idiocy of the tech version. It was an odd feeling.

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  3. Unfortunately not everyone can have a cushy public sector job. Developing worthwhile products that people want to buy isn’t easy.


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