Learned Nothing

AOC is to the Right what Trump was to the Left. They are doing everything they can to get her elected president in a few years. This will give them an excuse to experience daily paroxysms of sweet outrage to cover for the fact that they’ve given up on anything resembling political engagement.

The amount of boosting and enthusiastic free coverage this woman gets from the Right is totally Trump’s empty podium in the first campaign that MSNBC broadcast for an hour because even a possibility that Trump would appear was more valuable than any actual appearance or even action by anybody else on the planet.

4 thoughts on “Learned Nothing

  1. In 2019 AOC was part of a group of four women nicknamed “The Squad”. Trump presented the squad to the public as if they represented everyone in the Democrats – a political version of a strawman argument – and then beat the hell out of them in the media to great effect.

    “The Squad” was so easy to make fun of and Trump so amusing as he did it that the Democrats themselves told the four women to disappear for a while.

    The longer AOC is in the news rather than a more broadly appealing and therefore viable candidate like, say, Tulsi Gabbard, the more it starves those potential candidates of the necessary attention they need to grow to prominence, and sets everything up for another 2016 Hillary style demolition as soon as the Republicans actually find a candidate capable of doing what Trump did.

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  2. AOC is a caricature. She’s like…I don’t know… Betty Boop? Every time she speaks it’s like “Boop boopy-doop.” Nothing of substance comes out. But the right froths at the mouth over her. I don’t understand it. I have watched several speeches and I am completely underwhelmed.

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  3. And yet she was actually likeable back when she was “Sandy” and did little dance videos on the tops of buildings at her college …

    Politics ruins people who could otherwise be fun.

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