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Here’s a poignant article by Jordan Peterson about the collapse of crucial civilizational achievements in Canada. I had to do “remote teaching” today and I’m very angry. I spent two hours trying to devise a simple activity that would be easy to do in the classroom but turns into a joke on Zoom. I feel like I’m doing a piss-poor job and stiffing students. This sucks. Peterson is right. It’s time to put a deadline on this insanity and decide to move the fuck on already.

2 thoughts on “Link of the Day

  1. I remember when people at my company were begging for zoom. Back in the good old days before Covid. And we made them suffer with Webex and Skype. Now, nobody likes zoom. I was on zoom for 9 hours straight today. I want to rip my eyes out

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  2. Didn’t ZOOM have radio commercials (sponsoring those evening and late-night talk radio shows) all the way back in 2017, 2018, 2019, stating they’re “a better way to do business”?
    Transforming and retrofitting (even something relatively recent) seems to be a universal cultural tradition of sorts.


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