Heavy Burden

It’s a heavy, heavy burden to be such a great cook. Those fish kotlety came out divine. The little bastards are so light, they slide in one after another.

My little enemies

It’s easy to be slender when you can’t cook worth a damn. But what do you do when you are spectacular?

4 thoughts on “Heavy Burden

  1. Aye, such are the burdens of the blest..”all these things shall be added unto you besides..” Can one ever have too many perfect fish kotlety? What can one do, when one has attained platonic form??? Eat another one, of course, enjoy the manifestation of perfection..

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      1. …and this is how I gained five pounds over the holidays. I learned to make merenguitos and they were fantastic. You wouldn’t think little puffs of air could possibly do so much damage to one’s diet!


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