Nespresso and Me

I was upset and decided to buy a Nespresso machine. Yes, there’s a connection. My sister loves her Nespresso machine so much that she travels with it in her handbag internationally. And I miss my sister, so buying the machine was going to make me feel closer to her. Of course, I’m also really into coffee.

I stood in the Nespresso aisle at Kohl’s and asked for a sign. Should I buy it? Or deal with my frustration without engaging in ostentatious consumerism? So I decided to see where the machine was made. If it says China, I thought, to hell with the expensive little bastard. I turned it over and. . .

If that’s not a sign, I don’t know what is.

I brought it home but then a new problem arose. This is not a machine that’s adapted to male mentality. Men want to grab, push, dominate. But this machine requires a light, unhurried, gentle touch. N started wrestling with it like it’s a bear in the Ural Mountains instead of coaxing it into action through a light caress.

The coffee is great, though. Ay yay yay, is it ever so great.

4 thoughts on “Nespresso and Me

  1. Long ago, as a group of Indian immigrant students, we came up with the maxim when it comes to consumer products – “if it’s difficult to do, you’re doing it wrong”. America is a consumerist society. Any inconvenience is unacceptable. If the coffee machine is too difficult to use, you must be doing it wrong. 😀


  2. Clearly it was meant to be!

    I recently acquired a coffee press, and it has been a life-changing experience. I don’t even drink much coffee, but I use it to make a liter of herb tea at a time, and it is great!

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