The Obvious Answer

The OSHA vaccination mandate was declared unconstitutional, and that’s great. But the vaccine mandate for federal healthcare workers wasn’t. What does this mean?

There’s a shortage of healthcare workers even from before the pandemic. Now the federal healthcare employees will go to the private sector en masse. As a result, the people who qualify for government-provided healthcare will get less services, more delays, and fewer care options.

Which was the whole point.

This is neoliberalism in its purest form. Once again, this is what these BLMs, vaccine mandates, and mitigations are all about. Austerity, austerity, austerity. Exploding inequality, the destruction of the social services, fear, uncertainty, anxiety – this is what it’s about.

And nobody is noticing because the distraction tactics are working.

15 thoughts on “The Obvious Answer

  1. One problem is with the way American society’s been set up over the years. They’ve arranged it so that everything is so interdependent, that any one aspect is forced to be co-dependent on so many others, a system SO interwoven should the slightest thing go awry with even any one element everything else stands to get thrown into disarray—-automatically creating a “rabbit hole” of sorts
    ….or, maybe, even a “black hole” of sorts, wherein anything that comes into contact with the damaged or defective element(s) stands to get “sucked into” the “vacuum”.


      1. Definitely. The electricity bill went up by some insane percentage for the Spaniards, for example. The money went to the “COVID response.” Meaning it was transferred into private pockets.

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        1. They rely heavily on imported gas for power which leaves them vulnerable when the price goes up.

          The French were hit hard by the OPEC oil shocks in the 70s which is why they built nuclear to give them energy independence.


    1. ” everything is so interdependent

      The neoliberal imperative of cutting costs (labor, distribution everything except executive compensation) through inhuman and misguided ideas like ‘just in time’ when scaled up across the board also makes systems incredibly fragile so that when one tiny part goes wrong things go rippling through the entire system.


    1. // far more liable to become an issue in Spanish (or even Russian) language literature than English language literature

      Is Spain a rich first-world country or do they copy every American trend in the effort to be European? I truly don’t know the latter, and re the former had the impression it is poor and with many problems.

      Cannot imagine such articles appearing in Russian or Hebrew, despite Israel being a first world country. We are very children and family oriented as a society, with a (often too) heavy dose of religion.

      Re bedtime reading, my mother immediately said ‘genetics’ and that reading to adopted children would not yield such results. After all, it’s usually educated and intelligent parents who read to their kids.

      My disagreement with “unfair advantage” description also lies in their assumption that it’s a zero sum game. What about the entire society benefiting when some of its members make a good use of their intelligence and other gifts? In Israeli context,we need people both to develop new weapons (security is a magic word here for a reason) and keep our economy afloat.

      In other Western countries, they may be lucky not to invest huge % of GDP on security, but there is a global competition and money for social programs to uplift the poor has to come from somewhere.


      1. Spain is a rich first-world country. But there’s also a history of centuries of not feeling fully European and an inferiority complex that grew out of that. As a result, there is a certain amount of slavishness towards fashionable Anglo trends. On a positive note, there is a dawning realization to how ridiculous and destructive this aping of the progressive fads has been.

        Your mother is spot-on about genetics. About 80% of US wokeness is a hysterical reaction to the unsolvable problem of genetic advantage and genetics in general. There’s absolutely no way to integrate genetics into their worldview. But it’s also a branch of actual science, so it’s impossible to deny completely. This is a strictly American problem, though. And Americans are the ones who need to figure it out.


        1. // About 80% of US wokeness is a hysterical reaction to the unsolvable problem of genetic advantage and genetics in general. … This is a strictly American problem, though.

          I think it’s a problem of the entire modern world, only American Left is almost alone in being not ready to ignore the implications.

          If modern economy is getting heavily automated and globally competitive, where does it leave most of population with usual and even a bit higher than mean / average / etc. IQs?

          My central fear re having children is having a child that wouldn’t be sufficiently intelligent to succeed in the future economy. If one meets a highly intelligent man, it’s one thing, but what about becoming a single mother and playing a genetic lottery re IQ and character? That honestly frightens me most of all, though I do want to be a mother.

          Do you think character is as genetically determined as IQ? What difference, if any, does upbringing create?


          1. IQ is almost entirely genetic. I’m not sure what character means. Personality?

            But psychological health, energy, and happiness – which are much more conducive to a good life and even to a better capacity to make a living – are by about 80% decided in the time between conception and the time when the brain largely finishes forming at the age of 5.

            Not that you need to worry about IQ given that you are the product of the highest IQ group in the world and the third highest in the world. To maximize your chances, get the genetic material from an Ashkenazi Jew on the father’s side. It should be easy where you are. 🙂


            1. \ I’m not sure what character means. Personality?

              There are kind and cruel people, decent ones and not, regardless of whether their personalities, if I understand the word correctly.


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