Late Morning Observations

People have been giving up on masks around here. We’ve had an indoor mask mandate since May 2020. There was a short pause in the mandate last spring when people bizarrely assumed against all evidence that vaccines would stop infection and spread. Then it was back to the masks.

Compliance has been complete and enthusiastic. This is a region of deeply introverted rule followers.

But then this month it stopped. Compliance is at about 60% now and it’s dropping. Even that guy at the gas station who freaked out in the Fall because I forgot my mask now is barefaced and stares at me like I’m an idiot for still wearing one.

On a negative note, it’s a very strange feeling to hold a product at the grocery store that’s the same brand, size, weight, etc but costs exactly 20% more than it always did. What have we done, people? What have we done?

That extra money I paid – and you paid and will pay today – has been taken directly out of our pockets by Mr Biden and Co and put into the pockets of the people who organized a massive Soviet-style media campaign that won them the election. By 2024, every single one of us will be poorer. Services available to us will be worse. The quality of our lives will be lower. And the only thing you get in return for this robbery is a feeling of cheap moral superiority.

10 thoughts on “Late Morning Observations

  1. What I love is going to the grocery store and seeing a shopper wearing a mask (and keeping their distance from me because I have the effrontery to shop without one), pushing a shopping cart full of junk food. I always want to say, “You’re terrified that the air you breathe could kill you, but you’re not concerned that all that toxic crap in your cart could kill you?”


  2. I don’t even care where the money is going! What matters is that our budget, that worked last year, doesn’t work this year. I’ve got to figure out what we can give up in order to stop excavating our savings.

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  3. I’ll admit Biden and Democrats are looking very disappointing so far. They fight each other more than they fight Republicans, that has been crazy to see. How can they claim to want to unite the country when they are so disunited? All around it’s a party in a terrible state right now.


        1. I know. There are other Republicans with good track records and ideas. I think DeSantis is an obvious alternative. No matter how hard the media and Democrats attack him, the numbers and history are just proving his approach to COVID was the right one. Meanwhile people are just pissed off at Democrats with their endless mandates and restrictions; this may hunt them well into 2024.

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  4. If they’re that “concerned for our welfare and safety” why don’t they do something about all the anarchy and lawlessness so pervasive in our current social climate?
    Not only violent crimes, but all the unbridled thefts (and corruption) in all forms that can mess up our lives to the point where we’re probably better off dead anyway.


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