First, the Dean and now the Provost are offering me paid vacation time, a reduction in teaching and service loads, administrative help, all sorts of things. This is very kind. I’m grateful that people understand the state I’m in. (They are offering the same help to the only other Ukrainian professors on campus, so it’s not me personally.)

I’m not going to take the offer because if I sit at home alone, I’m going to go nuts. At work, at least, there are people, things to do. But it means a lot that nobody expects one to remain unaffected and continue working like a robot.

8 thoughts on “Accommodations

  1. Hi, Clarissa. I haven’t commented earlier but I have been reading your posts. (It’s a lot easier to comment from my laptop that from my phone.) Just wanted to tell you I’m terribly sorry and this is beyond awful, I can’t even imagine. Thank you for continuing to post. I feel helpless since this is all I can offer you but maybe it’s something.

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    1. Thank you! Every bit of compassion and understanding helps. I’m very grateful for all the good people who have been coming by to offer support, prayer, comments.


  2. I have been staying off the internet for a few days and came to your blog to see this. I am so sorry Clarissa. I don’t know what to say, but this is really awful! My prayers are with you.

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    1. It’s horrific. I just saw myself on a Zoom screen, which is the first time I’ve seen how I look in days, and I thought it was my grandma visiting. It’s taking a toll.


  3. Polish universities (among others) are organizing collections of food, clothing and medical supplies. In the building where I work there’s a collection point in the lobby (with ongoing updates of what’s most needed).

    Considering how politically apathetic Polish students usually are (a leftover from communism) it was gratifying to see how much had been collected yesterday. I’ll be adding some stuff tomorrow.

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    1. Are you guys also allowing Ukrainian college students to continue their studies in Polish universities? Some Romanian universities are doing this, but it’d probably be easier for them to study in Polish 🙂


      1. “allowing Ukrainian college students to continue their studies in Polish universities?”

        I don’t know all the details but yes. There’s already a lot of Ukrainian students in Poland (at both public and private institutions) so the adjustment is a bit easier.


    2. Our students, too, are organizing a rally in support of Ukraine. This is the first time I can remember them organizing a rally about foreign affairs.


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