Hospital in Kharkiv

There’s a purposeful, methodical targeting of helpless, innocent civilians.

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  1. Do you know why isn’t this convoy bombed from air? Saw its video on Israeli TV, with news anchors calling the convoy ‘sitting ducks’ and wondering whether Ukraine simply doesn’t have military capacity to bomb it.

    // A 64 km (40-mile) convoy of Russian tanks and other vehicles was spotted making its way to Ukraine’s capital Tuesday as an intense shelling attack targeted the country’s second-largest city.
    According to American satellite company MAXAR Technologies, the Russian convoy is already less than 50 km (31-miles) from Kyiv.

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  2. Israeli news coverage centered today on this case. My mother wondered whether he was shot because of being Jewish. Saw his wife on TV and she is 100% Russian in looks. Ukrainian side seems to claim he was mistaken for a Chechen. A Chechen combatant with blond Russian wife and two small kids, really?

    // Israeli national shot dead outside Kyiv due to misidentification
    Roman Brodsky was part of a car convoy headed to the Moldovan border when he was shot at a checkpoint by Ukrainian militia that mistook him for a Russian combatant; 42-year-old’s family in Israel informed of his death

    Ministry officials spoke to his wife who was also wounded in the shooting and is still stranded in Ukraine with their two children.

    The shooting took place in the Ukrainian city of Bila Tserkva, 84 km (52 miles) south of Kyiv.


  3. Last piece of news about my country. It all sounds correct, except the part about Putin seeing Russian-speaking Jews as “a Russian diaspora” and “his people” :

    Israelis rally to Ukraine’s side while their gov’t takes a more cautious approach
    Since one million Jews immigrated to Israel after the fall of USSR, hundreds of thousands arrived from Russia and Ukraine; many say Israel could be next target of Russian aggression

    Thousands of Israelis took to the streets in a large demonstration on Saturday and Sunday evenings in protest of Russian military action against Ukraine. Many of them were Ukrainian- and Russian-born Israelis who were also demonstrating against Israel’s ambiguous stance toward the conflict.

    Currently, approximately one in every five Israelis is of Russian or Ukrainian origin.

    While it has a strong alliance with the United States, Israel has a vested interest in good relations with Russia.

    Israel and Russia both operate in Syria, requiring close military cooperation. The freedom of operation that Russia grants Israel there is critical in the Jewish state’s fight against Iran and its proxy forces throughout the region. A spat with the Kremlin would exact a heavy price.

    Israel’s natural gas reserves and plans to export the gas to Europe could decrease European dependency on Russian gas, putting it at another potential clash with Moscow.

    “Israel needs to stop being neutral; it needs to take a stand,” said Zharova, the CEO of the Israeli Ukrainian Alliance.

    “I understand Israel’s reasons and considerations. I am Israeli and my children were born here. I understand the consequences but if Israel will not take a proactive stance, Israel could be the next target.”

    For Russian President Vladimir Putin, Israel is part of larger Russian interests in the Middle East. But with a large Russian-speaking population in the country, Israel is also viewed differently than other allies Putin has in the region.

    “In Putin’s eyes, Israel is a Russian diaspora and these are his people,” said Dr. Anna Geifman, an expert on Russia from the Department of Political Studies at Bar-Ilan University.

    “This is a factor in his thinking. Throughout history, Russia has used every opportunity to get involved in the Middle East, using the excuse in order to protect Russian interests and culture and achieve what they want.”


  4. According to Tucker Carlson’s first guest tonight, the reason it took Putin five days to reach the outskirts of Kiev is because his forces were deliberately moving slowly, trying to minimize any injuries or deaths of their Ukrainian “brother Russians,” whom they sincerely hoped would voluntarily join their liberation effort. It was only after the Ukrainian neo-Nazis rejected Putin’s benevolence that Putin had no choice but to start firing rockets at civilian targets in the city. Carlson smiled and nodded in agreement with everything the guest said, praising him as an “honest man.”

    I assume that you don’t watch Tucker anymore, or you would’ve smashed your television set by now.

    I watch the cable news channels now only for the profound dark comedy.


    1. Clarissa, I hesitated to post my above report about the obvious malicious falsehoods that Tucker and many other MSM outlets are reporting, because I know how sickened and horrified you are by the actual realities on the ground, and I sincerely don’t want to add to your grief.

      I thought that you should also know some of the more pernicious fantasies that the fools and naïfs who cling to Putin are saying, since they keep repeatedly finding clueless (or perhaps couldn’t-care-less) MSM outlets to spread their poison.

      If you find my reporting on this material this harmful rather than helpful, please tell me so immediately, and I will cease doing it at once,

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      1. Thank you, Dreidel, this is very kind and caring of you. I thought I’d be upset when I heard this but actually I’m fine. I think I’ve gotten jaded at this point.


    2. Are you sure you have the right person? I’ve been trying to find this and even Googling about it, because I am sure the media would be jumping all over such a thing, and I haven’t seen any such thing from Tucker Carlson anywhere.


    3. Okay, so I found the clip. I have to say that I think you are taking that guest out of context, and not because I am any fan of the guest or Tucker. I honestly think he’s quite wrong in a lot of what he said and I hope he is wrong about Putin being able to just take Ukraine. But he did not say anything about “brother Russians” or “Ukrainian neo-Nazis.” What he said was that Putin was trying to move his forces in lightly to avoid unnecessary damage to property and unnecessary deaths, particularly among the Russian population of Ukraine that he wants to bring into his fold and that he has no disregarded this.

      Now I do in fact partially agree with that—NOT that Putin was doing that out of the good of his heart, but rather that he probably felt that if he was to just go in all-out with overwhelming force and smash the crap out of the Ukrainians, that this would make it far less likely that they would accept him. Basically a sort of strategic calculation. I don’t think he was expecting the Ukrainians to fight back as they have.

      I do not at all think he wants Ukraine to become neutral as the guest said, nor do I think it is pointless for NATO to increase its defense spending or that doing so is pointless. He seems to have a far more admiring view of the capabilities of the Russians than I do, because from what I know, the Russians are not in any position to be challenging NATO. NATO is not in any position to really be challenging the Russians, but if push comes to shove, NATO forces have a far stronger logistical backbone than Russian military forces do. And Russian forces would be operating over long supply lines versus NATO forces fighting defensively with shorter supply lines.

      Also, Russian forces have not shown themselves to be the greatest over the last seven days. Even if Putin did intend to try going in lightly first, that doesn’t mean his forces should have been getting smashed the way that they have been.


    4. Who was the guest, I wonder? Ned Ruyn? I’m sad Tucker fell in with these people. And it’s even sadder he can’t snap out of it now that it’s obvious that this is a terrible invasion of a peaceful country.


      1. The guest is retired US Army colonel Douglas Macgregor, who has appeared at least two Fox shows over the past several days.

        He always gives a glowing account of Putin, assigning him only benign goals (Putin attacked Ukraine “to honor his word of 2007” to keep NATO at bay). He refuses to make even the slightest criticism of Putin, or to acknowledge any mistakes on his part (The blitzkrieg towards Kiev hasn’t slowed because of Ukrainian resistance, but because of Putin’s deliberate strategy to avoid Ukrainian casualties). Macgregor is somehow “sure” that Putin doesn’t want to permanently keep all of Ukraine and has no expansionist goals beyond Ukraine toward other previous Soviet satellites.

        He states that Putin should be allowed to take Ukraine without any condemnation or consequences, and that the West should immediately stop all support of Ukraine because that’s only postponing the inevitable,

        By contrast, Macgregor has only negative words for Ukraine. (On another Fox show, he insisted that the Ukrainian government was not only no democracy, but was “about four levels of corruption worse than Russia,” and suggested that Ukraine isn’t really a sovereign nation but only a collection of Russians who have always been a part of Russia anyway.)

        There is nothing balanced about his viewpoint. Putin is the noble hero here, doing his duty and doing it well. Ukraine is the naughty child being justly punished for its many sins,and all of this is a family matter that the West has no business butting into.

        And Carlson has nothing but fawning praise for Macgregor’s words.


        1. I watched myself, and everything Dreidel reports is the literal truth.

          Thank you, Dreidel.

          It’s sad to see, but nobody is immune to getting attached to a narrative and not being able to relinquish it no matter what happens.


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