Kharkiv Bleeds

During WWII, Kharkiv was occupied by the Nazis twice. Terrible destruction. The Nazis, though, never tried to destroy the historic buildings of Kharkiv, the jewels of our architecture. Those buildings were allowed to remain standing until last night when they were destroyed by the Russians.

Now they are targeting the historic Orthodox cathedrals of Kyiv. Those cathedrals survived both Stalin and Hitler. We don’t know if they’ll survive the Russian people in 2022.

An Orthodox priest in a shelled historic cathedral is crying, begging the Russians to think what they are doing. When the Nazis invaded in 1941 Stalin allowed an Orthodox procession to walk around the city praying. Even Stalin! He never touched the Annunciation cathedral in Kharkiv, which is a world-famous example of the Ukrainian baroque architecture. The great university in Kharkiv, the Gosprom building, the Schevchenko Gardens, the historical center. The Nazis didn’t destroy them. The Russians did yesterday.

6 thoughts on “Kharkiv Bleeds

  1. One of my friends posted on social media pictures of Babi Yar. It is a war memorial in Kyiv dedicated to the 33,000 Jews lined up and shot and dumped into a ravine. He posted pictures of the memorial and his time spent with friends there. We have strong ties to Ukraine through missionaries so he posts daily pictures of time spent there. This was particularly haunting as he wrote yesterday that people are now being killed again in Kyiv. My friend wrote, “Adolf would be pleased to know someone else’s army was continuing his work in Kyiv.” And then we have stories from my pastor as our church has a seminary there. He was supposed to travel to Ukraine to teach next week. Now, we are all praying for the students to survive this attack. It is a solemn time. We gathered to pray on Sunday morning. We are all praying daily. What else can we do? Donate funds to the Ukraine army and pray to God to stop this dreadful and horrific attack.

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    1. The support means everything, Margaret. Thank you.

      It’s impossible for anybody from my part of the world not to think back to the Nazi invasion. That was the most recent time we experienced anything like this. The knowledge that the same people who wept with us over the movies depicting the Nazi invasion are now doing the same thing is crushing. Russians should know better. There’s no excuse for them not to.

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      1. У нас вторая отечественная война.

        This is our second Great Patriotic War. This is the term used in the USSR to reference WW2 – the part of it that started with Germany attacking us (and generally the only part people cared about, for obvious reasons).

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