When very liberal residents of NYC, San Francisco or LA whine endlessly on social media about high crime rates and mask mandates in their cities, do you feel compassion?

If so, you are a much, much better person than I am. All I feel is annoyance. Because these policies were created by the politicians they voted for and will vote for again. And they’ll loudly and insistently declare that anybody who doesn’t vote as they do is a Nazi. At some point, you’ve got to wonder, if they hate these policies so much, why don’t they vote differently? And why don’t they leave? These are usually people who have the means to go someplace else. Of course, when they do leave, they tend to vote for the same policies they escaped from, and the rot spreads elsewhere.

I feel the same annoyance for the Russian anti-war people. It’s been 23 years! Why didn’t they leave? The borders were wide open. And some did leave. Went to Ukraine after 2014. Those people I do respect. But the rest. . . honestly, I don’t have any more patience for them.

5 thoughts on “Annoyance

  1. Some people in my town are seriously enraged because the mask mandate was lifted for schools. It’s seriously annoying since they still can wear masks if they want to. I will never understand the dissonance between calling oneself a liberal and wanting to mandate even a smallest thing.

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    1. This is something I could never understand. I oppose ripping masks off people’s faces. Wear a WWI-style respirator for all I care. But let me be. That’s all I’m asking. Leave me and my child in peace.

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      1. That was why they changed the rationale for mandatory masking. Originally they told us to wear a mask to keep ourselves safe. But a lot of us who weren’t particularly afraid of a stupid cold virus with a 99.7% survival rate didn’t see any point in wearing masks, so we didn’t. I always figured that if masks actually worked, the people wearing them were not in any danger from me anyway, so what were they beefing about? But the progs weren’t content to live and let live, so they changed the argument from “the mask will protect the wearer” to “the mask will protect everyone else.” By that sleight of hand, they were able to institute universal mask mandates, and to brand everyone who objected to masks as selfish psychopaths who just want to kill grandma.

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    1. Buying oil from Venezuela is a way of buying oil from Russia through the back door. Venezuela’s oil rigs have been largely destroyed. Venezuelans had to do with oil sent by China for years.


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