Russia left the Geneva Convention in 2019 and now feels justification in doing what it will to civilians in Ukraine.

300,000 people are being held hostage in the surrounded city of Mariupol. There’s no electricity or drinking water. A child already died of dehydration. The moment people try to leave through “a humanitarian corridor,” Russians start shelling them.

In Europe in the 21st century, 300,000 people are dying of hunger, thirst, and cold. The only reason these civilians are being slowly killed is their ethnicity. There used to be a word to describe this kind of thing. What is it? Never again? Or something else?

2 thoughts on “Mariupol

  1. Unfortunately, I think this should have been expected. It’s right out of the Russian playbook, especially when the initial operation did not go as well as they expected.
    Unless a diplomatic solution is found, I think this is going to be happening for quite a while.

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