Intercepted Phone Calls

By huge popular request, here’s one of the many intercepted phone calls from Russian soldiers bragging to their relatives about raping children and eating dogs:

I mostly avoid listening to these phone calls but since people asked. There’s also a bunch of really cute ones where wives excitedly ask their husbands to steal some nice clothes and sneakers for them. Every conversation is filled with the most extraordinary obscenity that even I didn’t know existed.

2 thoughts on “Intercepted Phone Calls

  1. Yes, that’s the clip I was talking about. The author of the tweet is misleading about this. The guy and his wife both seem to condemn this. It’s one of 3 different conversations I’ve listened to where Russian soldiers referenced that specific rape that the “tankists” committed of a teenage girl and her mother. The girl is referred to as being 14 and 16 in different conversations.

    And in the conversation about the dog, the guy the soldier is telling about eating a dog is shocked and ashamed. He says “what a great army we have”.

    In the last conversation in this clip ( the Russian soldier is telling the man on the phone with him that there’s a lot of lawlessness going on (“безпредел”). He says that “our guys” are behaving like animals and references this rape. He says that during war time the laws are a bit different, and basically the soldiers are supposed to be shot for this. His next sentence is literally “and no one would say a word about that “- “И никто ниче слово за это не скажет.” – which seems to imply that the rest of the soldiers also condemn those specific rapists.

    He says that their brigade commander behaved “humanely” towards the rapists and instead just put them at the intersection that is always getting bombed. I (MT) don’t approve of that.

    And then he talks about everything their soldiers are stealing. He says that their commander stole a quad bike that he is currently disassembling and loading into their vehicle and will reassemble when he gets back. This is one of the rare conversations with no swearing.

    I don’t find the obscenities that creative, but they sure are plentiful. In some conversations almost every other word is an expletive, with poor vocabulary.

    I’ve been reading lots of tweets in Russian, and I’m amused by the terms people have come up with for the TV: “зомбоящик “- “zombie box” in the sense that it’s a box that zombifies; “дуроскоп” – “idiotscope”, and “говновизор” – “shitvision”.


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