Harsh Day

Today was one of the harshest days for Kyiv. Endless bombing. Not surprisingly, this happened immediately after Russians declared during “the peace talks” that they would withdraw from Kyiv.

It’s always the same, yet people continue getting excited about these cheap manipulative tricks.

The whole day has been very difficult. The perversity of the sexual violence that Russians have unleashed against civilians, including very small children, is horrific. Nobody who has heard the stories of the survivors will ever be the same. I struggle to fall asleep, and when I do I dream that I’m in Kharkiv and bombs are falling. Obviously, I’m not the victim here but it’s still hard.

I finally found the strength to look up the street where I lived in Kharkiv and now I don’t have any more strength.

A friend from next door went to get her elderly relatives out of Ukraine. She came back today and says it’s an unspeakable tragedy.

Sorry, no good news today.

2 thoughts on “Harsh Day

  1. I’m so sorry. The initial shock seems to have worn off for me so I manage to fall asleep and haven’t had any dreams about this. I do allow myself to spend way too much time every day keeping up with the news instead of doing what I should be doing.


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