Class Consciousness

If you see Johnny Depp’s verdict as a win for “us” and a rebate on college loans for some schmuck down the road as a loss, I’m sorry to inform you that you’ve been had. You’ve been recruited to side with the people who never side with you. They want you to believe that the schmuck with the loans is the enemy. They want us at each other’s throats while they are robbing us.

It’s funny to see how people even remembered the term “transfer of capital” once college loan forgiveness was mentioned. Buddy, you want to see a capital transfer? Look at what happened with Pfizer, Walmart, Netflix, etc as a result of COVID mitigation. That was a real capital transfer, and it’s still happening. Let’s get angry over that and not over a very modest break that a neighbor’s kid might get.

In the spirit of full disclosure, I never took out a cent of college loans and neither did my husband, so I’m not advocating for myself here.

And yes, Biden is doing this to bribe his voters. The real question is, why don’t our candidates do it for us? The answer is: because we accept symbolic Twitter victories instead of material ones.

In a functioning nation-state, the government looks out for the material well-being of the citizens. The idea that this is somehow shameful and that you are deficient if you haven’t performed endless feats of self-sacrifice and mental agility in the management of your life is a neoliberal brainwashing trick.

These poor people who post endless screeds about how they ate ketchup sandwiches for a decade and paid off their loans so nobody else should get a break are members of the neoliberal cult. They make the robbery we are all experiencing possible. They mean well and they are sincere, good people but they have adopted the faith that’s at the very root of our immiseration.

One thought on “Class Consciousness

  1. I wish student loans could be discharged in bankruptcy court the same as any other loan. Don’t see any reason those loans should be special.

    Also wish celebrity divorce cases were just like everybody else’s divorce cases: not news.

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