Bad Writer, Good Wokester

This is precisely what I talked about in the last post:

How much do you think it would cost to hire somebody in India or Nigeria to write this post without murdering the title? I’m guessing a lot less than the author who lives in Seattle and is linguistically impotent.

Vanessa Cronin can’t write and can’t be bothered to learn. She sells wokeness in hopes that this will be enough to keep her employed in the absence of other skills. But there’s no need for more than one expensive wokester at a company. Wokeness will never be a good substitute for skill.

5 thoughts on “Bad Writer, Good Wokester

  1. I was so perplexed by that title – does she mean “Latino employees at Amazon”, not “people at Amazon whose boss is Latino”? what kind of cognitive process could have produced that sentence? – that I had to track down the article. And now I understand why it came out that way – “Latinos at Amazon” is the name of a workplace group within Amazon. It’s still a terrible title, but at least I understand where it came from.


  2. “Vanessa Cronin can’t write and can’t be bothered to learn”

    To be fair, headlines are not written by the authors of articles or reviews. Professional publications usually have people whose jobs (or one of whose jobs) is to write headlines.

    I remember being… unhappy at some of the headlines my stories had when I worked on and off at a student newspaper.

    But whoever wrote the headline is an idiot…. I actually didn’t see the problem at first because my brain stubbornly transformed it into ‘Latino employees’ which just made me glad they weren’t using the accursed “Latinx”….


  3. I hate this pandering crap, I don’t read books about “Latinos” since they’re often about “evil whitey” oppressing the “noble” Latinos. I am much more into fantasy and historical fiction than anything Latino, right now I’m reading Fire and Blood which is the prequel to Game of Thrones. After this I’m going to read the series, I wonder what these wokesters would think of a “Latina” reading a fantasy series set in a facsimile of England with dragons😂

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