We Are Stupid

Since 2020, I’ve been asking people one question: if your job can be done just as well remotely as in person, why shouldn’t the employer fire you and hire somebody in Panama at 10% of your overall cost? What is it that you provide that is worth such a high premium?

I never got a single response. I’m still wondering how people explain this to themselves. They did their damndest to make the case for being completely dispensable. How do they explain this to themselves?

In teaching in particular – as well as in all jobs that don’t require some really unique skill – we should have fought like ferocious tigers to stay in the classroom.


7 thoughts on “We Are Stupid

  1. I’ve noticed push back against remote learning. From the little I know, it’s proven to be less effective. Are you still seeing a strong push for remote learning?


  2. Mister Crackpot is out for the next few weeks, but he did see your post and he’s left a meaningful reply to me, Hernando, his personal assistant, to decide on my own.

    Having reviewed Mister Crackpot’s previous output in brief, it is clear that I, Hernando, lack the skills to engage in such witty repartee as appears to be required at this blog.

    Also, Mister Crackpot told me that he would not pay me for more than fifteen minutes of “this particularly odor-plagued solipsistic bullshit”, and so this is the best you’re going to get.

    Mister Crackpot has said he will be back in a few weeks, but given the circumstances under which he and his girlfriend were plucked from their long driveway shortly after the sudden appearance of a helicopter, I wouldn’t expect anything resembling an urgent reply.

    I’d pass on a few details about their trip down to Broward that were passed on, but your fifteen minutes are up.

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    1. 😃😃😃 Jokes aside, after 15 years of looking for a secretary and being massively let down by each hire, my sister finally found the secretary of her dreams. In the Philippines. And the copy wrighter of her dreams. In Pakistan. She now starts every phone call to me with “we are soooo screwed in North America!”


      1. Meh. There is no significant capital investment happening in these countries which forces skilled people into low wage work. The lack of Americans willing to do these jobs just demonstrates the strength of the US economy.


      2. “we are soooo screwed in North America!”

        Au contraire! Canada is doing the important work of making sure that middle-aged male fetishists can wear giant fake boobs with portruding nipples while teaching in high school…. what to the Philippines or Pakistan say to that???!!!

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  3. Hadn’t thought of that, but that’s a good point! Also robotics and automation. People whose jobs can be replaced by machines, companies are going to do it if they won’t come in.


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