Milky Juice

Who pours milk into orange juice and for what purpose?

People are very strange.


5 thoughts on “Milky Juice

  1. No one sane (though cream in the right kind of orange juice might taste like a creamsicle, which is a delicious treat).

    They are just using poor writing to refer to two separate things being poured:
    • milk into coffee
    • juice


    1. Orange soda+vanilla ice cream tastes like this and it is delicious. Would not be willing to try this with orange juice.


  2. Never mind the poorly constructed sentence in the tweet…

    Can some reader tell me how pouring milk from a container downward into coffee (or anything else) is “pouring it upside-down”??


    1. It’s not the pouring downward. It’s orientation of the container. If you pour with the carton oriented like in the picture, there’s more pressure in the carton, which can increase splashes and spilling. If you pour towards the side of the carton furthest from the spout, there’s less pressure in the carton which decreases splashing.

      The physics of it makes sense, but still makes me think I’d spill even more.


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