Weird Reality

We are living in a weird reality. How is it possible that a drug-addled psychotic nudist and hemp jewelry maker who lives with a Russian hippie lady managed to get access to the residence of the US House Speaker and beat her husband with a hammer? Do the Pelosis have no security guards?

Of all the weird news stories, I’d say this is the most out there one.


18 thoughts on “Weird Reality

  1. And how is it possible that “a drug-addled psychotic nudist and hemp jewelry maker who lives with a Russian hippie lady ” is being passed off as a right-winger?

    Very soon after details began emerging I immediately suspected a gay escort and/or drug deal gone wrong…. no other explanation has any kind of surface validity…. or am I missing something?

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    1. You are not missing anything: that’s exactly how it went. To imagine that someone may so easily have breached what must obviously be one of the most heavily securitised if not fortified residences in the whole United States is so absurd that it defies belief. Unless the powers that be really think that most American people are unbelievably gullible, which is probably true.

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      1. MAGAs are like movie vampires: they can be a mist, or a bat, or a person-shape. They can assume any form. They can visit your dreams and take the shape of your darkest fantasies.

        This is why the left is afraid of them, and also in love with them. They’re just so dang sexy.

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  2. All such stories make more sense if you assume drugs were involved. If it’s still confusing to you, try to forget for a moment that there was a public figure involved, and go read a bunch of #Floridaman headlines. Then come back and take a second look.

    Drugs. Definitely drugs.

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    1. …But yeah, if while you are perusing Floridaman headlines, you happen to run across some about our former Democratic gubernatorial candidate Mr. Gillum, those will help even more to put things in a reasonable perspective.


  3. No way he broke in. Paul Pelosi let him in (prostitution?), and drug fueled psychosis led to things ending as they did.


  4. The (ex) wife is a whole story of her own, though maybe not a relevant one. Seems to have a penchant for middle school age boys.


    1. If you wanna throw in all the semi-hemi-quasi-relevant stuff, about 1/3 of the pictures I’ve see of the dude are a group photo of him and a bunch of other people under a blanket, where he’s got an 8yo boy in his lap.

      Which is not proof of anything at all. But I have an 8yo boy, and he would never in a million years sit in anyone’s lap. Not even his parents’. Too dignified. That’s for babies. So it strikes a weird note.


  5. Oh, one more possibility: this was all planned as part of an “October surprise” but they bungled the execution.


    1. That’d explain the “manifesto”. But you’d think they could at least find a patsy who wasn’t some kind of nudist hippie protester? I mean… this is the internet age where absolutely anybody can track that down.


        1. Yeah. Subject of a hundred thousand hilarious memes now. You’d think they’d learn. But no, hope springs eternal for the mentally impaired and ideologically blind.


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