From Peru

Ah, well, it looks like with the attention of his Moscow handlers turned elsewhere, the Commie president of Peru Pedro Castillo has been ousted from office.

I spent some time with a Peruvian relative over the Thanksgiving break and she was telling me about how bad Castillo has been for the country. Now it looks like he tried to conduct a coup and was thrown out as a result.

Is it possible that Latin America is finally learning something?

Probably not but it’s still good to see Peru free of Castillo.


9 thoughts on “From Peru

  1. I was just coming here to tell you about that!

    Beginning to think this is just how Peru deals with presidents. I mean, Fujimori, Humala, I think they tried to arrest Toledo but he fled the country, and I think there was one that killed himself when he was about to be arrested? Are there more? Have they had any in recent years who’ve finished their terms without being arrested or ousted?

    US politics would be a lot more fun if we arrested more sitting presidents…

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    1. One of the favorite moments of my teaching is when I start listing Peruvian presidents and vice-presidents who were arrested, incarcerated or fled arrest. By the end of the list, students are in stitches. It looks like my list has grown longer.

      Oh, Peru. It’s such a lovable mess.

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  2. I dunno what Moscow gets out of these people. I think you could say they’re in Berlin’s pocket since they always seem to need an expensive German car.


    1. What Russia gets out of it is the fact itself. They want to control the world. The feeling of being able to decide what happens all the way around the world is worth everything to them.


      1. I guess that’s what makes Russia popular in Africa. There are certainly many people who will happily do whatever you want if you can only make a small wire transfer to facilitate the process.

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