I’ve Seen It All

Now I’ve really seen everything. Russian children are standing in front of Orthodox holy icons and singing about the joys of a nuclear war that will deliver a strike on Washington. In the song, a nuclear war is something fun, cute, and homey.

In the USSR, we were afraid of a nuclear war. It was never presented as something desirable. It was never glorified. We always knew that we wouldn’t start it because that was the most evil thing to do.

Children, holy icons… and a glorification of a nuclear war. I’ve now seen it all but I’d like to unsee it.


6 thoughts on “I’ve Seen It All

  1. No worries. Our tip-top American political leadership will deter Putin from hydrogen-bombing Washington, D.C.! If they ever can tear their attention away from stealing women’s luggage from airport baggage claims and from making oil deals with Venezuela (but not with Texas).


    1. “Oh God.”

      Yep. That’s who we have running the United States right now.

      If I were Dictator Xi of China, I’d be lashing my generals to spin up the invasion of Taiwan at the earliest possible moment. After all, what does Xi have to worry about? Being defeated by these sorts of crazy degenerates?


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