8 thoughts on “What Are You Watching?

  1. “What is everybody watching?”

    Me tonight? A rerun of the 1969 horror science-fiction movie “The Green Slime” on one of the old-movie TV channels. I saw it at a theatre when I was in medical school 53 years ago, and it hasn’t improved with age — but still has a great title song.


  2. I have a special TV: it’s a multi-format TV with a region-free DVD player.

    It’s weird because the only digital standard it does is ATSC 1.0, and everything else is analogue, including NTSC, PAL, and SECAM.

    For that reason, it’s weird enough to keep, especially since it’s light and easy to move.

    It’s made for a boat, it used to be on a boat, and it will stay in its box for now.

    Lots of stuff here is finding its way into boxes anyway.

    But what am I watching?

    I’m watching FX Street and Netdania, where I’m watching the Asian forex cross-trades.

    How else does an insomniac with Asian ties make some extra money? 🙂


  3. I watched the Peripheral… with mixed feelings. It’s sci fi but the tech/time travel bits are more mcguffins to provide set ups for the relationships and fight scenes…
    Overall, it’s a mixed bag and at times veers toward parody – early on there are lots of scenes with characters involved in ominously ambiguous conversations in hammy ‘British’ accents
    The actress playing the best character (Lowbeer) just misses as she chomps into her over-written lines like a starving tiger… and one major character is simply not in the final episode…. for no apparent reason.


  4. Don’t know how international you want to go…

    Kulüp (The Club) – pretty good Turkish series set in the 1950s using an Istanbul nightclub to explore the post-Ataturk drive toward mono-ethnicity, the first part is about the lingering effects of a confiscatory tax levied on non-muslims (esp Jews)
    the second part centers on an anti-Greek pogrom in the mid 1950s…

    Osada (the colony?) – fun Czech comedy set in a group of summer-houses around a large pond/small lake in Southern Czechia

    Hyeongsarok (shadow detective) – South Korea just before retirement a respected detective finds himself framed for murder and being blackmailed by the real murderer. A bit confusing (keeping Korean names apart for non-Koreans is a chore and a half)

    Ma, Bie Nao Le! (Mom, dont’ do that!) – Taiwanese comedy drama. The reactions of two adult single women when their 60 year old widowed and very high maintenance mother decides to look for a new husband. Kind of all over the place but often genuinely funny and/or touching.


  5. Almost forgot a couple from LAmeria

    El Reino (the Kingdom) Argentine drama about an evangelical leader who escapes an assassination attempt to become a candidate for president… kind of predictable (in terms of his sins) but pretty good. The actress who plays his wife is awesome.

    42 dias en la oscuridad (42 days in the dark) Psychological drama about murder set in rainy southern Chile (I’m very drawn to the landscapes here). A woman disappears and a disgraced lawyer and his amateur detective sidekicks become involved. Some find the police too incompetent to be credible but I think it’s natural in a generally low crime environment. Based on a real case which was just as horrible as the one presented.


    1. I am watching Das Boot, about the confrontation between Allied and Nazi submarines. Very addictive.
      And I’m also watching The Wire, which is really good but needs some patience at the beginning.
      There is another one about spies on HBO but I can’t remember the name right now.
      I just finished The Gilded Age. Well done and entertaining.
      One I really enjoyed some time ago was Hell on Wheels.
      I’ve heard good reviews about The Courier, but I haven’t watched it yet.
      If you watch in Spanish, there is Hierro, the Spanish version of a noir Nordic film. And it gives am insight into how life is on this peculiar volcanic island that is part of the Canary Islands.
      I continue to recommend Spiral, a French police series. Really good.
      I’ve also enjoyed the political series Borgen.
      And Trapped (also called Ofaerd), a police thriller from Iceland. It is excellent.


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