No comprehensive Medicare for All proposal even exists. Many policy promises that unite the progressive movement—including the Green New Deal, drastic defense cuts, and “tax the rich” plans large enough to finance their spending ambitions—do not actually exist beyond generic talking points.

It’s exactly like our new ultra-woke administrators. All they really stand for are budget cuts. Everything else is an empty slogan they don’t even bother to make half-convincing.

“We are going to increase graduation rates of African-American students by 40%!”

“And how are we going to increase those graduation rates?”

“Work harder!”

That was the actual response we got. “Work harder.” If your students fail, it means that, at best, you are a slacker, and at worst, you are a racist. It’s all vapor aimed at distracting us from austerity measures.


7 thoughts on “Vapor

    1. I just had a discussion on Twitter with somebody who claims that DeSantis “openly expressed support for neo-Nazis.” When asked for proof of this open support that should be easy to obtain if it was so open, my interlocutor proudly produced an article where somebody accuses DeSantis of not denouncing neo-Nazis.

      People condemn propaganda, yet they so easily let themselves be duped.


      1. They set themselves up to be duped. And why? People want to be seen to be “on the right sigh of history”. ie to be the good guys, whether they are or not. Virtue-signalling as a way of life.


  1. “It’s all vapor aimed at distracting us from austerity measures”

    That’s what I feel about both “reparations” and “climate change”…. tell me about specific proposals and I’ll react.
    But it’s all hand-waving and slogans…. bumper stickers instead of concrete policy proposals.

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    1. Exactly. “Climate change” has become a way of saying “we’ll impoverish you for your own good.” We waste our time debating who believes in what part of climate change when it’s all a waste of time. Nobody is planning to do anything other than lecture to us and rob us once we are good and cowered.

      As for the reparations, I’m excited about California’s plan to pay them because that’s the best way to push the state’s Hispanics to vote Republican.


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