News from Iran

A colleague from Iran visited her country over the winter break and says that for the first time in her life she didn’t need to wear a head covering. The authorities are too scared to take any measures.

She brought me a little receptacle of saffron that has the most amazing aroma even taped up in several layers of bubble wrap.


One thought on “News from Iran

  1. Right … you do know that a lot of what is masquerading as Spanish saffron in Europe and the US is actually from Iran?

    I was under no illusions whatsoever that the saffron sold in shops in South London came from anywhere near Spain.

    Saffron is ridiculously priced in the US: what would be around 50p if you could even find a package that small gets priced at nearly $10 here.

    And so a friend occasionally sends along a package of “Saffron (Country of Origin: Spain)” picked up at one of the South London shops.


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