Gas vs Electric

This is beyond bizarre. Not only are gas stoves massively better for cooking (and I say it as somebody who is an amazing cook, false modesty be damned), having two different kinds of energy is crucial for times when one of them is compromised. It’s only smart to diversify sources of household energy.

Who came up with this insane plan and why? It’s going to be mega expensive, it will punish lower-income households the most, and it is plain moronic.


7 thoughts on “Gas vs Electric

  1. Don’t worry, it’s not going to happen anytime soon! The Democrats are stupid, but except for the über-progressive nuts like AOC, they’re not THAT stupid.


  2. “Who came up with this insane plan and why?”

    To keep people upset and distracted, so distracted that they don’t look at other things they’re doing.

    You say immiseration is the goal and then you wonder about why they’re doing what they do…..


  3. Options, options, options …

    1) An assault multi-fuel camping stove with four burners that folds up on itself, with attachment options ranging from 8 ounce butane canisters to large LNG tanks that fit on a truck;

    2) A multi-fuel “pizza oven” for full-sized pizzas that fits on a truck;

    3) A custom-built multi-fuel BBQ smoker trailer built on a mini-van chassis (which seats six) that requires a truck to tow it.

    Which one should I choose?

    No no, wrong question.

    They’re all getting chosen.

    Which one should I choose first? 🙂

    One of the problems with moving to “Paradise(TM)” is that the power tends to go out.

    The generators will keep the refrigerators, freezers, big chonky fans, servers, telecoms gear, and all of that going, especially with the quiet mode generator setup that’s going in.

    But if reduced solar output toward the end of the 2020s becomes a reality rather than a prediction (by a Ukrainian researcher in the UK, I believe), we’re going to need something for cooking other than an electric stove, at least if the supply of fuels gets disrupted.

    So lots and lots of gas it is, along with diesel, until we’re forced into having to survive on solar.

    Hybrids and EVs can work on an island, after all, especially if you only have to charge your vehicle fully once per week.

    Pity Tesla’s truck is an ugly abomination.

    Also, the BBQ trailer will serve as a reminder to the local politicians not to get any funny ideas such as trying to ban gas stoves.

    It also seats three really fat politicians. 🙂


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