The Pelmeni Test

On the positive side, the pelmeni family from Tuva is making N feel better about his parents.

“At least, my parents wouldn’t accept the pelmeni!” he says happily. “At least, they wouldn’t stoop that far! I’m sure they wouldn’t!”

His joyful face at discovering a family more screwed up than his is painful to see. I’m not entirely convinced his parents wouldn’t accept the pelmeni but I’m glad he’s happy so I’m not saying anything.


3 thoughts on “The Pelmeni Test

  1. “my parents wouldn’t accept the pelmeni!”

    I don’t know about pelmeni….. but from everything you’ve written about the mother…. there’s no way she’d give up a fur coat after a photo shoot… would the one who tried to take it away be counted as a battlefield casualty?

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    1. Yes, she’s a large, heavy lady with an intimidating look. She’d go at them like a battering ram. Russians should start mobilizing women. They are more manly than actual men.


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