11 thoughts on “A Measure of Maturity

    1. No, tell me this is not true. Please tell me it isn’t. I have a kid who’s a passionate fan of Roald Dahl’s books and seeing this is an enormous letdown.

      And still people get upset when I say that the life of the mind is dying in the English-speaking world. There’s either this or the reaction to this. There’s nothing outside of that passionate embrace of nothingness. We are rewriting Roald Dahl but there’s no today’s Roald Dahl coming on the scene.


    1. I think I have most of them on paper but I’ll need to get a list and check.

      It’s particularly bizarre that people with zero literary talent think they can rewrite a mega talented writer like Dahl.


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    1. This is nothing. Earlier this week a Wagnerite died near Donetsk who had been serving a prison term for 10 murders. He once brought a grenade launcher to a TV station that was transmitting news he didn’t like. That’s a serious fellow.


  2. I would like to thank whoever mentioned Roald Dahl to me on this blog a couple of years ago during the Dr Seuss fiasco as another potential target for censorship (unfortunately, I do not remember who it was exactly). At that time I bought a series of his 16 books for children, which includes Matilda and Witches, although my child was too small (and still is too small) for them. Thanks to you I own an uncorrected set. I am very much grateful for your foresight. Any other tips on “must have” books will be appreciated.

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    1. “my child was too small ”

      They’re not going to stop with Dahl… without massive backlash (which I don’t see happening) they’re going to destroy every vestige of pre-2020 culture they can.
      Buy any book you think your child might want someday now.


    2. I bought an 8-book set of all the Anne of Green Gables novels at a used book fair. My kid is too small for them but they’ll be ready for her when she gets that age

      Also, Kipling. He really provokes the crazies for some reason but I grew up on Kipling and I love him.

      Frances Hodgson Burnett is a classic that might get cancelled for all sorts of reasons.


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