Poetry for Kids

So does anybody here have poetry recommendations for kids? Klara makes me read “‘Twas the night before Christmas” every night. Is there anything else like this because we almost have this whole poem memorized.

Good Journalism

Even the entirely apolitical N stopped in his tracks, sat down and remained glued to the screen when yesterday’s segment on the devastation of Sydney, Nebraska by predatory capitalism aired on Tucker.

The words MSNBC or Fox News are utterly meaningless to N. He lives in a different world.

Pizzagate Comes Back

Now it turns out that Hillary Clinton spent a lot of time vacationing on Epstein’s child rape ranch. The ranch is an ugly-ass middle-of-nowhere kind of place. Its only winning point is that it’s isolated.

We all laughed about the Pizzagate pedophilia ring online losers said Hillary was running. But now it’s looking like they weren’t all that nuts. There’s absolutely no reason for a normal woman to go hang out on a hideous ranch of a sleazy pedophile and bring her daughter with her. Hillary is either the dumbest, most clueless, most pathetically submissive wife on the planet. . . or she isn’t.

Kamala vs White Supremacy

A real tweet from a real person:

Kamala Harris officially ended her campaign today, which means that all of the candidates who currently qualify for the December Democratic debate are white (Sanders, Warren, Biden, Buttigieg, Klobuchar, and Steyer).

White supremacy is not just a Fox News problem, folks.


I’m very scared of people like this Lauren Duca. They seem completely sincere but that’s what’s so scary. It’s impossible for anybody with a functioning brain honestly to think that the Harris campaign was brought down by “white supremacy.” But these LaurenDucas have abdicated their capacity to think rationally. All they want is to denounce imaginary ideological crimes.

These are very, very scary people. And before you tell me that this LaurenDuca is an isolated dweeb, go on Twitter or FB. This is the #1 most trending reaction to the end of the Harris campaign. I can flood you with examples.