Revised IHME Model

IHME has updated its model again, for the second time in 3 days.

The peak in the US is projected for April 11.

I’m very glad scholars at IHME (whose initial model sent us all into this lockdown) are recognizing their mistakes and are revising the model.

The governors are now trying to get rid of the unused ventilators that they hoarded in expectations of millions of moribund people. I’m glad they took it seriously but it’s time to take other things seriously, too.

Tables Turned

Folks, you need to head over to Twitter right now. It’s hilarious. Alyssa Milano is complaining about the evils of cancel culture and demanding due process and presumption of innocence for men accused of sexual assault.

As I keep saying, there’s absolutely nothing you can do to prevent wokesters from coming for you.

Cruel Joke

Doctors are bored because they cancelled all non-COVID patients to make room for the COVID ones. Who never showed up in the prophesied numbers. So doctors are playing cruel jokes.

“You have new test results in your chart,” said a message I got from the Center for Surgical Oncology today.

With shaking hands I tried entering the username and password, forgot them, misspelled them, dropped the phone, did breathing exercises, dropped the phone again, cracked the screen, and then finally entered the chart and… under the Test Results tab found a reminder to wash hands and practice social distancing.

Inflated Numbers

According to Dr Birx – whom I see no reason to disbelieve – anybody in this country who dies of anything while being COVID-positive is counted as a COVID death.

I don’t know how anybody can interpret this as anything other than inflating numbers. We will spend the next 5 months persisting in the same mistake and justifying the trashing of the economy while further trashing it.

The only rational thing to do would be to say right now, without waiting any longer, “this virus is bad but it’s become clear that it’s nowhere as bad as some of us thought.” Let’s see if anybody finds the courage to do it.

COVID Fact of the Day

Finally something that explains the low COVID rates of the densely populated Japan:

Coronavirus : les personnes obèses représentent une proportion très élevée des patients en réanimation en France

Les individus en situation d’obésité risquent plus de présenter une forme grave de Covid. Selon les premières données d’un registre national, 83 % des patients en réanimation sont en surpoids

Translation: COVID likes to eat fat people.

In the Lecture Hall

Klara and I dressed up as “garden angels” in the morning and ran around the neighborhood for two hours pretending to rescue a friend’s baby sister from evil godmother’s tower. Now I’m beat but she’s ready to keep going. So she made a cold foot bath for me on the verandah (it’s 82°F) and is giving me a lecture on wasps.

She’s not in the picture because she’s flying around like a wasp.