Elite Leftism

Why are the rich so left-wing?

Leftism allows them to see themselves as morally superior to the people they oppress. It’s very convenient to be able to wipe out whole communities with fentanyl if you have convinced yourself that they are racistsexistsomethingphobes and you are doing the world a favor by getting rid of them.

People say leftism is similar to religion but there are important differences.

In the leftist system of beliefs, there is no conversion and no expiation of sins. What’s worse, there’s no immanent core to it. Everything is completely fluid, and the commandments change in the blink of an eye, often to their exact opposite. There is no sacred text. Instead, an imaginary group of victims (“an indigenous person of color who self-identifies as a homeless, formerly incarcerated, part-time sex-working man of trans experience”) is invested with sacral importance. This group is as fluid and impossible to pin down as anything else in this ideology.

There’s no moral code. The most egregious offenses will be justified and the most innocuous actions condemned based on a constantly shifting system of beliefs nobody fully understands. Great wealth is the only thing that can insulate one from being fed to the wolves for something that was retroactively declared a crime. And herein lies the secret of leftism’s attraction for the rich. They can reap its benefits without having to suffer its ills. For those who have to work, this ideology is a source of terror. For those who don’t, it’s a source of pleasure.

Rancid Fudge

I don’t know about Singapore, but in the rest of the countries in the top 8 those “immigrants” are slave labor with zero rights and no hope of citizenship ever.

Why is it so hard to make whatever point this individual is trying to make without fudging the numbers and emptying words of all meaning?


Canada no longer requires the infamous app to enter the country. It feels so strange to be able to enter just with your passport. One feels almost like an actual citizen. It’s very refreshing.

Tonight, I’m grateful for Canadian truckers who made this possible. And I’m even more grateful for Americans being Americans and never letting things get to that point in the US.

Happy Thanksgiving!

It’s impossible to find a turkey in Canada, so we had beef. It was really great beef, though.

I hope everybody had a great Thanksgiving! Or a great Thursday, if you are overseas.

On a funny note, Klara asked me who married into the family, me or her Dad. Since N hasn’t been able to demonstrate any family, the answer is obvious.

Poor guy, he’d be completely alone in the world, and it’s not like he did anything to make it this way.

Why the West Rules

Usually, at the World Cup I root for any or all Latin American teams. But now I’m rooting against them. They aren’t supportive of Ukraine and are acting all pouty and unnecessary.

We are seeing the answer to the question of “why West rules” right before our eyes. Nobody else takes the initiative. Nobody else is proactive. China, India, Latin America, the Middle East – they have no ideas, they don’t attempt to take the leadership role. Then they’ll moan about colonialism but it’s obvious to everybody that their subjected status is of their own choosing.

Inexcusable Existence

Another lovely thing in Julian Barnes’ novel Elizabeth Finch is the constant repetition of how bad men are. There’s no explanation of what’s so bad about them. They are just bad, stupid, unevolved, inferior.

The author of the book is a pale male, and he clearly thinks he needs to excuse his existence in major ways.

Eternal Summer

Back home, it’s 62°F.


I’m so glad I left, even if for a little while. It’s impossible to live in such a stupid climate. It’s an eternal summer, such rot!

Put me right off wanting to go back home. It’s just a bit above freezing here, which is about 20 degrees over my optimal temperature but at least there’s a bit of snow.

An Alien Joy

On social media, regular Russians celebrate the news of the two-day-old Ukrainian infant who died in yesterday’s air strike with such unmarred joy, you’d think they just won the World Cup.

There’s nothing that could ever possess me to celebrate the death of a newborn, and I can’t figure out how they got themselves to be like this. This isn’t one or two creeps. It’s a massive, public outpouring of joy.

This is what Ukrainians found in one of the liberated villages in the Kherson region.

Why Is It Taking So Long?

Why hasn’t Ukraine won the war yet, people might ask?

The problem is that Ukraine isn’t allowed to retaliate against Russia. Russia masses enormous numbers of missiles next to the Ukrainian border, and Ukraine isn’t allowed to take out the missile depots to prevent a strike. Ukraine is receiving foreign aid (and we are extremely thankful) under the condition that no Russian will suffer on the Russian territory and no Russian military object, depot, train station, etc will be hit by Ukraine. No matter what happens, Russia should not suffer. This is the condition of continuing foreign aid.

So we have to sit here and watch Russians bring hundreds of missiles to the border, aim them, and shoot them at maternity wards. A newborn boy died as a result of just such a strike yesterday. This can continue pretty much forever because why shouldn’t it? Russians aren’t experiencing any negative consequences from the war. Why would they stop? If you could engage in something that brought you great pleasure and no negative consequences, would you stop?

OK, you’ll ask, but why is there a prohibition on doing any damage to Russia?

Because in spite of the talk about “regime change”, the Western plan is to preserve the Russian regime exactly as it was before February 24, 2022. “Regime change” is an expression only used by stupid people. Like “gender-fluid.” Like “America’s proxy war against Russia.” Russia has been babied, coaxed, cajoled, and pandered to in an extraordinary way since 1991, and more than ever throughout 2022. Zero bombs have dropped on Russia during the war. Zero Russian towns were destroyed. Zero Russian civilians were inconvenienced, let alone hurt.

Words are so much more powerful than reality. People find a turn of phrase they can easily memorize and gladly sacrifice their capacity to observe reality on the altar of being able to repeat this beloved phrase. This is equally true for the “systemic racism” and “proxy war” crowds.

The Biggest Victim

Terrible news from Ukraine again. Russians delivered missile strikes all over the country, aiming at hospitals, residential buildings, and power stations. Ukrainians are rising to the challenge, acting heroically and engaging in feats of resilience and strength.

In the US in the meantime, there’s yet another spat over who misgendered whom.

Wars will never end because comfort and opulence don’t bring out the greatness of the human beings. They bring out pettiness, poutiness, and performative fragility. Wars, on the other hand, bring out heroicism and unbreakability.

We keep talking about “world peace,” but what would we do with it? Argue endlessly over who’s the biggest victim?