The people of Spain have had it with corrupt politicians, an inept government, unemployment, the endless economic crisis, and the two-party system that allows for no genuine dissent. They have taken to the streets and formed a movement of people who are indignant at the current situation, the indignados.

Jonathan offers a collection of slogans the indignados use in their struggle that he translated into English. The slogans are brilliant, funny, and tragic at the same time. Do head over here to read them:

I promise it will be a rare treat.

P.S. Sorry for the weird way of entering a link into the post. I’m blogging from an iPad which makes everything more complicated.

10 thoughts on “Indignados

    1. Unfortunately, i have missed the development of this story because Im traveling. My relatives and friends in Montreal see me so infrequently that there is a small civil war as to who will spend time with me. So i cant really tell people to shut up while i watch the news or read the paper. 🙂 They put up with blogging but that is as far as it goes. 🙂

      If anybody wishes to enlighten me aside from the very bare facts, i would love to hear it.


  1. Back to your post. People in Spain are really fed up with the situation because the high unemployment and the collapse of the housing boom with whole towns bankrupt and unable to provide basic services have led to a desperate moment. One thing of which most folks aren’t aware is that in Spain mortgage debt can’t be discharged by bankruptcy. It’s like student loans in the States. Since most of these people who lose their homes or have homes with no working utilities will have an ever increasing and overwhelming debt during their lives, their own option under the current regime is to emigrate.


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