From the Book “Aquamarine Blue”

I’m reading a book titled “Aquamarine Blue” that offers stories by autistic people about the way they see the world. Here is one quote that resonated deeply with me: “I never could understand why anyone would want to parade their lack of interesting thoughts, the fact that they have nothing to say for themselves and lead completely uninteresting lives, and therefore need other people’s private lives to have at least some conversational topics.”

I like this quote because it explains to me the baffling mystery of why there are so many people who eagerly follow every development in the personal lives of excruciatingly talentless starlets and TV personalities. I remember how after Obama was elected, dozens of people kept recounting to me some story about a puppy he was going to buy for his daughters. These are the same folks who buy all those tabloids and devour the very trivial gossip about the lives of the so-called celebrities.

4 thoughts on “From the Book “Aquamarine Blue”

  1. I thought its title was Aquamarine Blue 5. Something to do with synesthesia, I thought …

    Whatever it’s called, it’s a book I’d like to get a hold of! It’s put together by one of my very favorite autistic writers, Dawn Prince-Hughes. (Her book Songs of the Gorilla Nation is the reason I love her so much; that book is about her learning about how to live with others from gorillas, because their social behavior was easier for her to understand than her fellow humans’.)


  2. Thankfully, you don’t necessarily have to be autistic to not buy into all this reality TV and gossip reporting.


  3. I found the Obama family dog story interesting because I didn’t know that “hypoallergenic” breeds of dogs existed.


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