I Have to Agree With the Overt Dictionary

I know I made fun of its tweets a lot, but the following definition from the Overt Dictionary rings true: “Goldman Sachs: a banking company which gathers all the bright minds in the world and plugs them inside of its hierarchal machine.” This might just be true, given that the author of the Overt Dictionary has anything but a bright mind. I don’t know if all those bright people truly went to Goldman Sachs (I, for one, seriously doubt it), but one thing is for sure: they didn’t join the group that created the Overt Dictionary.

4 thoughts on “I Have to Agree With the Overt Dictionary”

  1. 1) I’ve read other complaints about the financial industry (no one company in particular; just that whole sector of the economy) siphoning all the brilliant, talented math, science and engineering graduates away from actual science and engineering jobs so that they might work for the financial companies designing more complicated investment schemes. Rana Foroohar, an economics columnist for Time magazine, has said that this is hurting the overall economy because it’s taking all the people who are most likely to invent valuable things, and putting them to work doing something that has no value to anyone other than that company’s investors.

    2) Goldman Sachs has a policy of recruiting, training and finding jobs for people with autism. So that’s one nice thing about them …


  2. (PS – I kinda like that Overt Dictionary guy! Most of what he says has more syllables than sense, but he’s got a certain bombastic rhythm to his phrasing that makes me smile.)

    … And you have comment moderation now! When did that happen? WHY did that happen? Too many MRAs in the “Rape and Child Support” comment thread?


  3. Dambisa Moyo appears to be the star pupil among the Goldman alums; lecturing the developing countries’ “political class” on “moral hazard” without even a hint of irony.

    I’ve been following Overt Dictionary for a while. I find it hit-or-miss, but the hits are retweetable (for which I try to maintain a high threshold).


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