By Reader Request: The Meaning of Life

I have mentioned before that I have the meaning of life all figured out. So now I have an obligation to share my findings with everybody. Please don’t expect anything Earth-shattering, though. The best ideas are always the simplest.

The meaning of my life (just mine, mind you. You can and should figure out your own meaning) is to have fun. That’s all. For me, life is about enjoying every aspect of it. I aim to reduce the number of things I don’t enjoy to the minimum.

Whenever I share this with people, some smart-ass immediately starts bellyaching about “what if you enjoy hurting people and eating babies for breakfast, should the pursuit of enjoyment still be your main life goal.” This, of course, is nothing but a sign that the smart-ass in question hates his or her own life and envies my unapologetic quest to enjoy mine.

And now I will go and enjoy my life on the beach. 🙂

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