A brainless clerk sent out a letter to the university faculty members that starts with:


You are currently employed by X university. . .

Of course, nobody responded to the message because nobody identifies as “FILL IN.” Now the administrators are outraged that nobody took the actions enumerated in the letter. Especially since the letter was filled with the most egregious, condescending insults I have ever encountered inside a supposedly professional letter.

I wondered at first what possessed our normally professional and respectful support stuff to send out such an insulting letter. And then I scrolled to the end of the message and saw that it was signed by the HR department. Then I had no more questions.

6 thoughts on “Dear FILL IN

    1. I know!!! My sister works with HR people all the time and she says it is always painful.

      This letter threatens with firing us all for not completing an ethics training that hasn’t yet been offered.


  1. Well yes. I disovered, quite late, that HR stood for “human resources”, and they are employed to dehumanise people, and to see them as “resources” and not as human beings.

    The term “human resources” seems to have gained currency in the Reagan/Thatcher years, when that kind of thinking became fashionable. In South Africa such thinking was common before that, especially in relation to black workers, who at one stager were referred to as “labour units”.


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