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I’m So Ukrainian. . .

. . . that when I feel like eating pizza, I boil some potatoes to accompany it.


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10 thoughts on “I’m So Ukrainian. . .

  1. At least you’re eating more well than how the GOP seems to think people like you do.


    • OK, I have no idea what this is even supposed to mean. Surely, nobody seriously thinks that there are people who eat that way, right? That grocery list is just bizarre.


      • To be fair, its probably just a “random selection” of various grocery items, and is not intended to reflect a “real” list. But you don’t really expect GOP wingnuts to actually think and realize that it’s not a real list, do you?


  2. But do you eat the pizza with a knife and fork?


  3. Benoni on said:

    Not Ukranian enough. Come back when you’re adding borscht to every meal.


  4. Kelly on said:

    I am feeling ukranian too


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